GOP frontrunner Donald J Trump will be starring in a town hall forum tonight on MSNBC. At 8pm Eastern, the hosts of ″Morning Joe″, Joe Scarborough and my new ′honey′, Mika Brzezinski, will take the stage with Trump in South Carolina. Over at CNN, they will be also holding a townhall with 3 other Republican Party candidates, to be followed tomorrow by another with Trump and the remaining 2 contenders. Or are any of these 5 other candidates truly contenders? The latest polls from South Carolina continue to show Donald Trump with a big lead over his inept rivals. A CNN/ORC poll from Nevada shows Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in a dead heat while Trump is blowing away the competition with 45%! Cruz and Rubio are in the high-teens while our favorite, low-energy, guac bowl merchant, Jeb ′Exclamation Point′ Bush is in last place with ONE PERCENT! How embarrassing is that? Perhaps it is time to change Jeb! To Jeb1%? Or better yet, maybe its time Jeb goes home to Florida and give up occupying the White House?

This is just too funny! Jeb Bush has become a laughing stock! Nobody can save him now. Not his family nor idiots like Chucky Krauthammer, George Swill, Rich Lowy, or even Katie Pavlovdog. Donald Trump has trumped them all. Unfortunately, other nincompoops are still shilling for others. Rush Limbaugh has joined Glenn Beck and Mark ′The Dull One′ Levin in a last chance bid to save the liar Ted Cruz and Marco ′Roboto′ Rubio from the inevitable. A new, nationwide Quinnipac Poll shows that 70% of likely Republican voters have now accepted the reality that Donald J Trump will be the GOP presidential nominee. If South Carolina and Nevada go the way the polls are showing, it will only reinforce the other polls showing more Trump victories on the SEC-Super Tuesday primaries on March 1st. After that, there will be no stopping Trump.

Yes, Mika Brzezinski is my new ′honey′! Sorry Kimberly Guilfolye, but your luscious, pantyhosed legs are simply not enough anymore. I warned both her and Eric Bolling that my days as a loyal Fox News Channel viewer were over after the last anti-Trump attack by the network. I′ve stopped watching ″Fox & Friends″ in the mornings since ″Morning Joe″ is the best, pro-Trump show on these days. I swear on a stack of Bibles, when they had Trump live on set at a pub in New Hampshire, it looked to me like Mika had an ′O-face′ when Trump arrived! MSNBC as a network may still be shilling for the Democrats, but ″Morning Joe″ has been the only program that has ′gotten it′ since Trump first announced his candidacy.

Mika and Joe have figured it out! Donald Trump is that right mix of Populism and Nationalism which is ringing true in the ears of many Americans. His honesty, spontaneity and independence are like fresh breezes airing out a house that stinks of rotten fish. Just look at what happened last night at a Trump rally in South Carolina. Some protestor got tossed out by two supporters in the audience and Trump invited them on stage to talk! And talk they did! Both men gave impassioned speeches which you would never see at any other candidate′s rally, except, perhaps, for Bernie Sanders.

Boston newspaper pro, Mike Barnacle, a ″Morning Joe″ regular talked about chatting with folks at a Jeb Bush rally. None of those he talked with actually support Jeb, they only came to the rally to see his brother. The Establishment just does not ′get it′! We have seen this brewing for nearly 30 years. One could argue it started in 1964 with Barry Goldwater which led to Ronald Reagan. Likewise in 1960 with JFK and then RFK. The converging currents of discontent flowed into the 1990s with H. Ross Perot and his Reform Party. Trump flirted with the Reform Party, as did Pat Buchanan. From ′Pitchfork Pat′ we begot Sarah Palin, followed by the Tea Party revolt. The American people have had enough of ideology from either side, Liberals and Conservatives. They seek something that is going to actually work to make their lives better.

I was aghast yesterday when Limbaugh tried to say that this election cycle is not based on philosophy. Actually, it is based on a philosophy, one much different than the brand which Rush and the rest are pushing. As I said, its just not a move against Conservatism. Modern Liberalism is also under attack. There are similarities between the message that Trump and Sanders are preaching. Mind you, their differences are a matter of execution, of turning ideas into workable programs. But the under lying current leads both groups towards the same conclusion, people are fed up with business as usual. They want change, REAL CHANGE!

At the heart of that change is the economy and foreign policy. People have had enough of Wall Street running the marketplace and America playing the world′s policeman. The American Ideal, that Horatio Alger theme, is all about small business and the rise of the Individual. Whether its a family farm or a Ma&Pa store. We have come to a point in history where those economic institutions are being squeezed out of existence. Between pressure from Big Government and competition from Big Business, there is no room left for the ′Little Guy′. On top of that, people are just worn out from endless wars where we seem to be more concerned with being nice than with being winners.

It reminds me of the old Star Trek episode where Kirk and the gang run into a pair of planets who have been fighting a war with computers for centuries. Where citizens sheepishly enter disintegration chambers to reflect casualties from simulated missile strikes. Once again violating the Prime Directive, Kirk sabotages their ′pretend′ war and forces them to face the true horrors of real war. War is supposed to be terrifying and bloody. Otherwise you become numb to it. I watched Chris Matthews chat with Ann Coulter last night on MSNBC and he asked her how many American GIs were killed during the occupation of Germany after V-E Day? He was wrong, there were some, but very few. Why? Because we bombed the daylights out of them! We, and mainly the Russians, slaughtered the Germans by the truckload. They, and the Japanese were totally defeated. They had little stomach for anymore violence.

When you listen to the Donald Trump rhetoric, he understands that. It is the ′Strong Man′ who gets the respect. Trump is our Strong Man. He will lead where others dare not go. For that reason, Trump will succeed in achieving his goals. He is a deal maker, too boot! Trump knows when to unleash the Iron Fist and when to don the velvet glove. He′s dealt with corrupt politicians and organized crime his whole adult life. Talk about experience, Trump has plenty! Far more than any of the other candidates when it comes to successful deal making. Donald Trump is exactly the sort of leader we need in the White House to clean up the mess of the past 30 years. So watch the town hall tonight on MSNBC and don′t waste your time with the other fools on CNN. All they are going to do is lie. Trump will give you the truth, even if it shocks you!