Donald Trump held a press conference yesterday before his rally in Greenville, South Carolina. Trump went after Ted Cruz for the many lies he has been spreading. Cruz has lied about Trump′s positions on ObamaCare, the Second Amendment, Supreme Court picks, and abortion, to name a few. Trump′s response is to now threaten Cruz with a lawsuit challenging his status as a ′natural born citizen′ and eligibility to run for the office of president of the United States. While this may be extreme, there is no doubt that Trump is correct about Ted Cruz being a liar. Here are just some of the true facts…


Trump has been saying from Day One that he would repeal and replace ObamaCare. Trump favors a market-based approached, removing regulations that prohibit companies from offering health insurance plans nationwide. He has never promoted replacing ObamaCare with a single-payer program since Trump entered the presidential race. Donald Trump has stated that he would provide some form of safety net such that those people too poor to afford health insurance would ″not die in the streets″. Apparently, the Ted Cruz plan for ending poverty is to stand back and let them die. What a great Christian!

On the Second Amendment, Donald Trump is the only candidate who has a position for a nationwide concealed carry law. We just saw recently that the State of Virginia will no longer honor such carry permits issued by other states. Not all states do even before the last wave of so-called ′mass-shootings′. Trump is a longtime member of the NRA and often carries a pistol, himself. He has voiced pro-gun ideals even more so since the Paris and San Bernandino shootings. Trump recognizes that armed citizens are the first line of defense against terrorism.

As far as Supreme Court appointments go, Donald Trump was the only candidate on this past Saturday′s debate to actually name names following the news of the death of Justice Antonin Scalia. Trump named both Diane Sykes and William Pryor, both very Conservative judges currently serving on the 7th and 11th Court of Appeals, respectively. Ted Cruz, the alleged ′expert′ didn′t name anybody. In fact, Cruz supported the promotion of John Roberts from Associate Justice to Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Te very same Justice Roberts who upheld ObamaCare, twice!

Ted Cruz has been trying to attack Donald Trump on the issue of abortion, often citing remarks made during an interview with Tim Russert in the late 1990s. However, Cruz, like the Liberal Media, just uses a single phrase from Trump′s statement, ignoring the entire remark, taking the used phrase totally out of context. Trump personally opposes abortion, but recognizes that for the time being, it is the law of the land. Now, keep in mind that Conservatives often take Barack Obama to task for not enforcing laws which he personally dislikes. So who would make a better president? Someone who would uphold all of the laws? Or another Obama who ignores some laws? While Trump′s remark during the debate about Planned Parenthood is a bit shaky, he was accurate in that the group does do more than just perform abortions. I have no doubt that when Donald Trump hammers out a replacement to ObamaCare, there will be major improvements for women′s health care and little, if anything, in a Trump budget for Planned Parenthood.

So there it is, the truth about Donald Trump! Ted Cruz is spreading lies about Trump, just as he is also doing so against Marco Rubio and Ben Carson. It is just my opinion, but Ted Cruz is a liar a phony and a cheat. Like any typical politician, Ted Cruz will say anything to get elected. Donald Trump, on the other hand, has been refreshing in his blunt honesty. His candor is one of his chief attractions. Between that and not being a paid puppet for special interests, Donald Trump is far more trustworthy to be our next president than the likes of Ted Cruz.