George W. Bush has joined his brother Jeb(!) on the campaign trail in South Carolina. This desperation move comes as the latest batch of polls show Jeb Bush somewhere between 4th and 6th place, most in the single digits. Only one poll by the SC Republican Caucus has Jeb scoring about 12% in 4th place ahead of John Kasich and Ben Carson. But the latest NBC and PPP polls have Jeb at 4% and 5% either behind or tied for last place with Ben Carson. Yikes! These polls were taken after the CBS GOP debate in South Carolina where Jeb Bush and Donald Trump got into a nasty brawl over George W′s record in office.


The Republican Party establishment is squirming. The very foundation of years of GOP fund raising are in peril. Perhaps Mika and Joe at ″Morning Joe″ on MSNBC put it best. Donald Trump is ″America′s Middle Finger″! Those who support and vote for Trump are sticking a weed up the butts of the Washington donor class. And a prickly weed at that!

Jeb Bush has been weak throughout his 2016 campaign. He started off saying that he intends to win the GOP presidential nomination WITHOUT the ′base of the party′. One wonders how Jeb expects to achieve this objective? This, alone, should finish Jeb off despite the vast amount of money he raised from special interests. Even before Donald Trump showed up, Jeb had already slit his own throat.

Once illegal immigration became an issue when Trump entered the campaign, Jeb′s first reaction was to state that illegal immigration was ″an act of love″. After that, even the polls showed just how weak Jeb′s chances were to win the nomination. But it has become very clear that ′the base′ of the Republican Party had serious reservations from the beginning. Mostly because of the legacy of George W. Bush. After GW tried to give amnesty to illegal immigrants, caused huge increases to the National Debt, and gave us a pair of bad Supreme Court justices, ′The Base′ of the GOP and Conservative movement had given up on Bush.

That Trump raises the security issue and 9/11 attacks was not unexpected. He has been an outspoken critic of the Bush′43 administration for over a decade. Especially on the War in Iraq. Trump hasn′t gone as far as I have, blaming daddy George H.W. Bush for not acting before Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. All Saddam wanted at the time was a couple billion dollars that Kuwait and Saudi Arabia had promised him during Iraq′s war with Iran. Just think where we might be today had GHW Bush paid Saddam off back then? There would have been no Gulf War, no Iraq invasion, no US troops stationed in Saudi Arabia to antagonize Usama bin Laden, etc.

But hindsight is 20/20. Trump′s attack on George W Bush was a moment of truth for many in the GOP. Another sign that ′The Base′ has evolved and changed since 2000. The reaction from the usual gang of ′Cuckservatives′ has been predictable. What might be the most shocking is how many Democrats are impressed with Trump. Even one of the founders of Code Pink is praising Trump, over Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton. You have to admit that the 2016 presidential campaign is the most bizarre we′ve ever seen!

Jeb Bush is flailing and fading fast. Polls taken in South Carolina after the CBS debate shows that Jeb is going nowhere except down. Will having his brother, George W. Bush on the campaign trail help Jeb? I kind of doubt it at this point. Jeb has just sunk too low and has made too many mistakes. The simple truth is that the United States just does not want a third Bush in the White House! Two were two too many!