Ah, Love…! Some say it with flowers or chocolate, others with diamonds or pearls. But the producers of the hit AMC-TV series, ″The Walking Dead″ said ″Happy Valentine′s Day″ to their fan base of 15 million with a rip-roaring, blood-soaked, action-packed, mid-Season 6 whopper of an episode! If you were seeking kisses and cuddles, forget about it! What we got was RPG blasts, hands being chopped off, Mega-Zombie-herd rampages and lakes of fire! What more could one ask for in the Zombie Apocalypse? So let us review and recap Episode 9 of Season 6 of The Walking Dead, entitled ″No Way Out″. As usual, I will spell out those immortal words…, SPOILER ALERT!!!

The Walking Dead

So where we last left off, our band of survivors were in quite the pickle! Their safe haven of Alexandria had been overrun by a mega-herd of zombies after the old steeple crashed and knocked down part of their wall. Maggie got trapped on top of a flimsy guard tower. Rick, Michone, Carl, Baby Judith, Jessie, Gabriel, Ron, and Sam were attempted to escape Jessie′s house camouflaged as walkers. Carol and Morgan were knocked out while the Wolf kidnaps Dr. Denise as Tera, Rosalita and Eugene watch helplessly. Glenn and Enid arrive in time to see Maggie in peril as they hatch a plan to rescue her.

Meanwhile, on the open road, Daryl, Sasha and Abraham run into a biker gang of ′Saviors′ and are informed that all of their belongings now belong to Negan. After handing over their pistols, a big biker escorts Daryl to the back of the gasoline tanker truck to search for more weapons. Sasha and Abraham are threatened with execution. Is this the end? NO WAY! Daryl somehow kills his escort and then blows away the bikers with an RPG round! BOOM!!! Score 9 for Daryl and 0 for the Saviors! We haven′t even had a commercial break yet!

Back at Alexandria, Rick realizes that his original plan may not work. There are just too many zombies. A quick huddle hatches a new plan. Father Gabriel volunteers to take Baby Judith to the safety of his church while the rest try to reach the armory. Jessie wants her youngest son, Sam, to go with Gabriel, but Sam won′t leave his mommy. Gabriel heads off with Judith and the rest hold hands and make their way down a crowded street. But Sam gets cold feet. He panics and the walkers get him. Jessie is holding his and Carl′s hand as she reacts as any mother would in utter horror. Now the zombies pile on her. Carl is next as he calls out for his dad to help. Rick has no choice but to hack off Jessie′s hand with his trusty hatchet. This prompts Jessie′s teenage son, Ron, to grab the pistol Carl drops and aim at Rick. Michone stabs Ron in the back with her katana but Ron fires off a shot. Carl takes it in his right eye. Rick picks up his son’s limp body and heads for the infirmary with Michone covering them.

Glenn and Enid retreat to a church outside of town to search for helpful items. Enid finds a Glock with a spare clip in a cigar box under the altar. Hey, that′s where I would keep an extra Glock! They hatch a plan to make a rope from priestly vestments to save Maggie. Enid shares an emotional moment with Glenn as to whom she is fighting to survive for, her dead parents. Meanwhile, the Wolf and Denise are hiding as he maps a way out of town. He almost actually seems to care about whether she lives or dies. Back at the town’s ′jail′, Carol and Morgan are up and about, and along with Tera, Rosalita and Eugene consider when and how to make their break. Tera wants to go immediately to rescue Denise, but Carol convinces her that Denise may be okay.

Indeed she is, thanks to the Wolf. He saves her as they make a break for another guard tower, from which he plans to jump off the wall. He tells Denise that they will be safer outside the walls and she almost believes him. But then a walker grabs her. The Wolf saves Denise but gets bit in the arm. Denise quickly removes his belt and uses it as a tourniquet. She insists they head to the infirmary so she can save his life. The Wolf agrees, but as they near their destination, Carol shoots the Wolf from the upper-floor porch of the jailhouse. Denise arrives at the infirmary just in time as Rick shows up with Carl and Michone.

Denise starts working to save Carl′s life. Rick spazzes out, grabs his trusty hatchet and goes back outside. Rick goes into full rampage mode hacking away at every walker he can find, and there are plenty! Michone and several other Alexandrains join him. Others who were hiding in their homes come out armed with machetes and knives. Even Father Gabriel leaves Baby Judith with those hiding in his church, telling the congregation that God has answered their prayers. He picks up a machete and heads out to do the Lord′s work! Carol, Morgan, Tera, Rosalita and even Eugene join in the carnage. The whole town is now fighting the mega-herd!

Glenn and Enid reach Maggie just in the nick of time. Glenn distracts the walkers who were trying to bring down the guard tower. Enid reaches Maggie and uses her make-shift rope to secure the tower to the wall. But now Maggie watches as walkers crowd around Glenn. He is about to be swarmed and devoured! OH-NO! All seems lost when suddenly, bursts of automatic rifle fire come out of nowhere to save Glenn! Its Sasha and Abraham to the rescue! The cavalry has arrived!

Daryl hatches his won plan for saving the town. With Sasha, Abraham, Maggie, Glenn and Enid, Daryl drives the gas truck to the lake in the middle of the town. He backs the truck up and unleashes a stream of gasoline into the lake, then ignites it with another RPG round. KABOOM! Instant lake of fire! The walkers are now distracted by the bright shiny flames and head right into them. Well, some of those walkers probably needed a bath. They sure didn′t need to scrub much in a fiery bath of gasoline. That dirt, and skin, just came right off! This rallies Rick and the rest of the town into finishing off the remainder of the Mega-Herd. Even Morgan has a moment of redemption as he finishes off his favorite Wolf-turned-walker.

As dawn breaks and the smoke clears, the safe haven of Alexandria is saved. The streets are littered with countless walkers. What a mess! Wonder who is gonna clean it up? Dr. Denise manages to save Carl′s life, too! Rick is by his bedside as Carl shows his first signs of recovery. This was one long battle, spanning several days, concluding in Episode 9 of Season 6. Many are calling this the single, best episode of ″The Walking Dead″. It was certainly the biggest fight with some 1,200 actors playing zombies. How are they going to top this? Just wait and see!