There will be a hot time at the Peace Center in Greenville, South Carolina, tonight! CBS will air the ninth GOP debate at 9pm Eastern. The remaining six Republican presidential candidates will square off with just one week before the South Carolina primary. The latest poll by OpinionSavvy shows Donald J Trump building his lead in the Palmetto State to 36.3%, almost double that of second-place Ted Cruz at 19.6%. Marco ′Roboto′ Rubio is third at 14.6%, with low-energy Jeb ′Exclamation Point′ Bush 4th at about 10.9% . John Kasich and Dr. Ben Carson bring up the rear with 8.7% and 4.7%, respectively. A national poll by Morning Consult shows Trump passing the rest of the pack with 44%, including double-digit leads amongst Blacks and Hispanic voters. Given the turmoil in the Democratic nomination race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders over the minority vote, Donald Trump could start having a major impact on their campaigns, as well.

There is little doubt that we are heading towards a moment of truth. Ben Carson is beginning to talk about how South Carolina may be his last stand. Ted Cruz may find himself in more hot water over his nationality as Prof. Larence Sellin, a retired US Army Colonel has uncovered that Cruz′s parents did not file a CRBA form as required in 1974. The form was eventually filed about a decade later. The failure to file the form means that Ted Cruz entered the United States illegally! Yep! Ted Cruz is an illegal alien! Donald Trump is now threatening to file a lawsuit questioning Cruz′s eligibility to run for president. There is no doubt that Trump would have ′standing′ to do so.

Beyond that, the real drama is the primary-caucus schedule itself. By the end of March, about 40% of all GOP delegates will have been allocated to the candidates. Thanks to the RNC trying to stack the deck in favor of a quick win for Jeb Bush, the whole plan may backfire in the next three weeks following the SEC Super Tuesday event on March 1st. Donald Trump currently has double-digit leads in every state contest. Time is running out for a single contender to take down Trump. Once we get into April, most of the elections are in ′winner-take-all′ states, many of which are ideally suited for a Trump victory.

Tonight′s GOP debate in South Carolina at the Greenville Peace Center will be a battle royale! Once again, the RNC is stacking the audience with mostly donors and Republican Party officials and workers. So Donald Trump will be facing yet another hostile crowd as he did in New Hampshire. A Trump victory in South Carolina will proof other polls for the upcoming SEC Super Tuesday primaries. We may also get our first indication on whether he will draw a large enough number of African-American voters away from the Democrats when they hold their primary in South Carolina on February 27.