Ted Cruz is at it again in South Carolina, spreading all sorts of lies and dirty tricks. The so-called ′Conservative′, ′God-fearing′ Cruz is proving why Donald Trump is beating him in the latest nationwide poll by Morning Consult, showing Trump with 44% to Cruz in second place with only 17%. After pulling various scams in the Iowa Caucus, Cruz, his campaign and Super-PAC are causing a ruckus in South Carolina. A series of robo-calls has been unleashed by Cruz people attacking Donald Trump and Marco Rubio on supporting Barack Obama and gay, same-sex marriage. Of course, we all know that Cruz, himself, talks out of both sides of his mouth on the subject, telling folks in Texas he opposes gay marriage while telling Wall Street contributors he supports it. The same day after his banker wife, Heidi Cruz, was reported by The Hill that she would support Ted even if she weren′t his wife because of of religious views, the Cruz campaign pulled a new TV ad because it featured a porn star! Oh-Oh!

Yes! The allegedly God-fearing Ted Cruz had a porn star in a Rubio attack ad. The Cruz campaign claims they did not ′vet′ her and is trying to explain that she is only a ′softcore′ porn star. Yeah, right! A quick check on the Internet finds that the actress, Amy Lindsay, does much more than ′softcore′ porn. She has made all sorts of fun videos covering the full spectrum of adult entertainment. Including many fetish type videos.

How embarrassing for Ted Cruz! No, he cannot be trusted. His supporters like Glenn Beck and Mark ′The Great One′ Levin are all wet. Perhaps from watching the works of Amy Lindsay? I tell you, this 2016 presidential campaign is shaping up to be quite the revelation of hypocrisy for Mr. Ted Cruz. He will do and say anything to get elected. Then attempt to deny his wrongful acts and pretend to be ever so pious. I′ve always suspected him of being a snake but not even to this degree!