Last night was a bad one for the Oligarchs. Donald J Trump and Bernie Sanders won HUGE victories over their competition! For Sanders, he closed a once 50-point gap in the polls, mainly due to carrying the Youth Vote as well as women of all ages, Independents and the Middle Class. Donald Trump took every Republican demographic and every issue over his many rivals. With 35% of the GOP vote, Trump ended the night double that of second-place finish of John Kasich. Triple that of Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio, where the difference between third and fifth place was barely 3,000 votes. There was a record turn out for both Republicans and Democrats in the 2016 New Hampshire primary, which already averages a much higher voter turn out than all other primary and caucus states. Chris Christie, who finished sixth with 8%, about 10,000 votes, went home to New Jersey to ″assess″ his campaign. Carly Fiorina followed with just 4% and Ben Carson with just 2%. Trump now leads the GOP field with 17 convention delegates to the 10 for Ted Cruz. But Hillary Clinton still leads Bernie Sanders with 44 to 36 delegates.


The New Hampshire primary results for 2016 were a disaster for Hillary Clinton. There is little doubt now that women voters appear ready to go to that ″special place in Hell″ rather than vote for Hillary. Her two key selling points, the gender card and her alleged ′electability′ worked against her. Exit polls showed that Democratic Party voters were more interested in honesty and trustworthiness, which Bernie Sanders won by a landslide. Political experience and electability were also drawbacks for Republican voters, who desired an outsider who shares their values. Trump scored very well with those concerned about jobs and the economy, as well as national security and immigration issues.

Naturally, the ′Cuckservatives′ are all up in arms! They are mad at Chris Christie for going kamikaze on Marco Rubio during the ABC News debate last Saturday. Exit polls may show they have a point as about two-thirds of New Hampshire GOP voters told the exit poll that the debate was important to their decision. Rubio was crushed during the debate by Christie. Trump won it with Kasich giving a strong performance as the ′fail safe′ option. Some say that Jeb Bush did well during the debate, which may explain his 3rd place finish. However, that may also be due to all of the time and money he spent in New Hampshire. Speaking of money, Jeb spent the most, again, averaging about $1,150 for each of his 29,000-odd votes. Trump only spent about $40 each for his 92,000-plus votes. Gotta love ′The Art of the Deal′!

So it is now on to Nevada and South Carolina. Bernie Sanders may have the edge now in Nevada with union supporters and his starting today to work on the African-American vote. Hillary Clinton is hoping that the Black and Hispanic vote will keep Sanders at bay in these next two battles. Donald J Trump has been leading in the next two states, as well as the other 48 to go. Sometimes with bigger leads than he had in New Hampshire! The GOP Establishment was hoping that following the New Hampshire primary results, the party insiders could rally around one Cuckservative candidate. But it looks like they will still have three or four to split the vote while the Donald Trump Train starts rolling along, running the table. If I were Jeb or Marco right now, I′d look to take Cruz out at the next debate while he is still limping from after his ugly Iowa Caucus win. But I doubt if they have the brains or the guts to do so, which is fine. Trump will stump them all, once he gets around to it. His move last night, stepping on Jeb Bush′s loser speech, was brilliant! Poor Megyn Kelly, what will she do now?