The 2016 New Hampshire primary, the first primary in the nation, is taking place today. The latest polls show that Donald J Trump is still leading the pack of Republican Party candidates. Likewise, Bernie Sanders is out front of his only rival, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Hillary does not really need a win today, though a large defeat may hurt her down the road. There is already talk about a major shake up in her campaign staff as the nomination fight heads to Nevada and South Carolina. For the GOP hopefuls, Trump is still leading nationally and in every other state poll. So the two big questions for Republicans are, will Trump win by a large margin and how will the other candidates finish? Three small towns already voted after midnight. In Dixville Notch, Bernie Sanders won all four Democrat votes while the 5 Republican votes were split 3 for John Kasich and 2 for Donald Trump. Trump, Kasich and Marco Rubio are all tied currently with 9 votes each from those early ballots.

Along with Kasich and Rubio, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie and Ted Cruz are all bunched up in several recent polls. Anyone of them could wind up winning second place. Just a couple of weeks ago, most polls showed that Jeb and Christie were well behind and could face elimination following the New Hampshire primary. But they, along with Kasich, have made New Hampshire a ′must-do-well′ state and have campaigned hard. Jeb even dragged out his mommy to help him in the Granite State.

Rubio has been busy fending off critics on his being ′robotic′. But even during one campaign stop yesterday, Marco went into robot-mode, repeating himself several times. Chris Christie had a fun moment during a town hall appearance answering a question to a woman about saving Social Security. The New Jersey governor got down on one knee for the uncommitted voter as if he were ready to propose marriage. Meanwhile, Donald Trump held another huge rally with about 5,000 people. One supporter required being reprimanded by Trump when she called Ted Cruz a naughty word not comparing him to a kitty cat. It was all in good fun as The Donald asked the audience if they should let the woman stay.

Who will win the 2016 New Hampshire primary today? We′ll find out in a few hours. The polls are open and voters are casting ballots. Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders appear to be on top during the lead up to today′s election. But the New Hampshire primary, the first in the nation, much like the Iowa Caucus in that the voters often surprise us. The betting line is for Trump to finish first on the Republican ticket, followed by either John Kasich, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio. With voters for the Democratic Party, Bernie Sanders seems a sure winner over Hillary Clinton. As with Iowa, delegates will be distributed based on results, so nobody is going to get a lot tonight. Like the Iowa Caucus, the New Hampshire primary is a testing ground for presidential candidates. The truly big prizes are yet to come!