The Federal Bureau of Investigation confirmed Monday that Hillary Rodham Clinton is indeed under investigation for the mishandling of classified material on her private email server. This revelation, coming on the eve of the New Hampshire primary, flies in the face of the Clinton campaign ′spin′. The latest version of which is that the FBI is only investigating the matter as a general review of security classification issues. For months, the Clinton campaign has had to modify their story about this subject. Back in mid-March of 2015, when the public first learned that Hillary Clinton was using a private email server for both her work and personal messaging, she claimed that there were no classified documents at all on her server. Now that the number of classified documents is at around 1,364 or so, the prior ′spin′ was that Hillary never received nor sent any documents ″marked″ classified. But a potential smoking gun emerged last month when an email exchange was discovered between Hillary and a staffer with instructions on how to send her classified documents, by removing any markings from it first!

The email exchange between Hillary Clinton and Jacob ′Jake′ Sullivan shows that Hillary preferred receiving all of her information via email rather than by a secure fax method. Several of the documents which have been identified in her emails are classified even higher than ′Top Secret′, including at least two rated as ′Special Access Program′. Such documents are usually personally shown to the recipient by an authorized officer of the department or agency which produced it. In some cases, those ′paper′ copies of such documents are immediately destroyed after being reviewed by the recipient. The only other access to such material is through a highly secured site, typically an isolated computer in a protected room built inside a large Faraday Cage. The unauthorized removal of such material, even to show the President or Secretary of State, could be considered a felony as an act of espionage.

The FBI is not only investigating Hillary Rodham Clinton, but also many members of her staff when working as Barack Obama′s Secretary of State. Video has emerged of another former State Department official Wendy Sherman, who described how Hillary would often use her Blackberry, and private email server accounts, to conduct negotiations. Such information, under State Department guidelines, is automatically considered ′Classified′ the moment it is created. By Clinton just doing that, she may have violated security protocols and possible federal laws.

How will this all play out for Hillary Rodham Clinton as she faces a tough fight against Bernie Sanders in today′s New Hampshire primary? Probably not very much as most Democratic Party voters care little about national security issues. However, amongst Independents, whom make up a majority of New Hampshire primary voters, this could have a substantial impact. If nothing else, it harms to the ′trust′ and ′judgment′ qualities of Hillary Clinton, which are already marred by her close association with Wall Street bankers and hedge fund managers. Most polls show that few people consider Hillary Clinton to be honest. Many hard-core Democrats are still upset with Hillary over her voting in favor of the invasion of Iraq. So this latest news from the FBI may throw one more log on the fire for those voters who question the fitness of Hillary Clinton to be our next president.