You just know that Hillary Clinton is in deep trouble when she is forced to play the ′Sky-God′ card! At a rally in New Hampshire before tomorrows primary, Hillary supporter Madeleine Albright said the if young women do not vote for Clinton, they will go to a ″special place in Hell.″ Meanwhile, noted feminist Gloria Steinem says that young women are only campaigning for Bernie Sanders because they are looking for men. Hillary Rodham Clinton does appear to have a serious problem with the youth vote, a key demographic for Democrats. After the close shave in the Iowa Caucus, the national polls are showing Bernie Sanders closing in on Hillary Clinton. Prompting some old hands in the DNC to resurrect the ′Draft Joe Biden′ campaign. Has Hillary over stayed her welcome in politics?

One might think so. Especially with new polls showing that even her husband, Bill Clinton, is sinking fast. In the last two months, Bill′s favorables have dropped from 51% down to 39%. Between the email scandal, Wall Street money and Bill′s adultery, the once powerful Clinton mystique has all but vanished. Most Democrats do not care about the emails or Benghazi, but many are seeing those issues as part of the Clinton pattern of lies and deception. Young voters are leaning towards Bernie Sanders by margins of 3-to-1 or more. Young women in particular are being turned off when learning about how Hillary and her allies attacked those women whom Bill Clinton used and abused.

As for the ′looking for men′ thing, Gloria Steinem has now walked that one back, or is trying to. But has her insult to young women gone beyond the pale in our hyper-sensitive, politically correct world? The other day I wrote about the differences between ′Classical Marxism′ and ′Cultural Marxism′. The Democratic Party has been effectively split into numerous factions thanks to their embrace of Cultural Marxism. So much so that Hillary Clinton may have over stayed her welcome in politics. It is just impossible to please everyone all of the time, yet, that is what she must do. Bernie Sanders is still stuck in the old world of Classical Marxism, focusing mainly on economic issues and Big Government giveaways. Steinem may be correct but for the wrong reason. Young women may be drawn to Bernie as a father-figure. In this age of single-motherhood and high divorce rates, young women may be looking for a substitute daddy, as they may have not had one in real life.

I′m sure Dr. Freud would have something interesting to say about that! If you are a 19-year old lady with little memory of your father, but plenty of your mother, you will probably be more naturally drawn towards Pappa Bernie than Hillary the Hag. It is a well known fact that most young women fear becoming their mothers. There is evidence that many young women voters today are turned off when Hillary starts boasting about being a mother and a grandmother. They don′t see those as qualifications to be a president as they do being an obstacle for being a potential mother-in-law. Plus Hillary is just not ′hip′. Where are her ′Emo Selfies′ on Instagram? Where is her sex tape? Our culture has changed significantly since the 1990s!

Though some things never change. Girls generally go ′where the boys are′. They probably figure they have a better chance at meeting a man at a Bernie Sanders rally than one for Hillary Clinton. As it is, nowadays, young women have a serious problem at the usual public hangouts bumping into the sharp elbows of cougars. Thanks to the Internet, MILFs are all the rage! A young lady looking for action is less likely to have a clear field at a Clinton rally. Given what they are hearing about Bill Clinton, he′s just not the lovable rogue he used to be. He doesn′t look all that well, either. With his shaky hands and glazed look, Bill seems to be heading down Dementia Trail, possibly the end result of drugs and the ′French Disease′.

Joe Biden better start warming up in the bull pen! The way things are going, Hillary Clinton is in deep trouble as Bernie Sanders continues to rise in the polls. The Democratic Party is seriously split along the age divide. Bernie has the youth vote, Hillary has the hag vote. Allies like Gloria Steinem and Madeleine Albright are not doing Hillary Rodham Clinton any favors either. Young women may think that they will find men at a Sanders rally, but in the end, all they will find are higher taxes and economic suicide. Unfortunately, they will get the same from Hillary Clinton, too! If young women really want to find men and avoid high taxes and economic suicide, they should start hanging out a Donald J Trump rallies instead! But they better hurry as the New Hampshire primary is tomorrow.