The GOP debate in Manchester, New Hampshire yesterday could be described as the ′Night of the Governors′. Well, maybe two governors. John Kasich did well staying out of the wrestling matches while Chris Christie went all ′New Jersey′ over Senator Marco Rubio. Rubio got hammered so hard he became stuck on one talking point about Obama which he repeated four times in the space of about an hour. Twice during one exchange! Meanwhile, Jeb Bush needed help from Mommy as he tried to act less ′low energy′ during an exchange with Donald J Trump over eminent domain. Guac-Bowl Man repeated the same old lie Ted Cruz had been flinging about Trump, but the Donald nailed him over the difference between ′public′ and ′private′ construction. Apparently, Jeb Bush thinks that the private, Canadian company who wants to build the Keystone XL Pipeline is somehow a part of the United States federal government. Hmm? When the audience booed Trump for telling Jeb to ″shush″, The Donald fired back, informing the TV viewers that the audience was largely comprised of donors for the RNC and the other candidates.

By the end of the evening, however, even the hostile crowd at St. Anselm College applauded for Donald Trump, the only man on stage who not only favors the waterboarding of terrorists, but vows to do much worse to them! Yep, that′s our Donald! He is ready to kick butt on ISIS while Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz hold focus groups to determine a course of action. Speaking of Ted Cruz, he got nailed good by Dr. Ben Carson who is still steaming over the dirty trick the Cruz campaign played on him the night of the Iowa Caucus. Cruz attempted to apologize again and gave another weak, pitiful explanation. But Carson shot a big hole in it when he reminded all that while the first tweet from CNN may have been a little ambiguous, their second tweet, which came just one minute later, provided clarity. Which means that the Cruz campaign obviously saw the second one but ignored it in favor of spreading a lie. Great ethics there practiced by an alleged Constitutional candidate!

So Trump won the GOP debate last night, hosted by ABC News, WMUR and the Independent Journal Review. Google, which was also a sponsor, tracked trends on social media during the debate. Their numbers showed that Trump got 33% of the traffic online compared to Rubio′s 20% and just 15% for Ted Cruz. I wonder how much of the Rubio traffic was about CocoDorm? Probably not much since the subject was not raised during the debate. Maybe the powers that be are saving that for Megyn Kelly in the next Fox News debate, or The Establishment is just trying to keep the whole thing quiet?

To CocoDorm or not, Rubio looked really bad last night! He looked very weak, too young and just too ripe to be president. Maybe a dozen years of more experience might get him ready? Maybe he′ll even rack up some legislative accomplishments by then, if he actually shows up at work? Chris Christie nailed Rubio good on his lack of achievements. The one bill Marco is trying to pass off as an accomplishment, concerning cutting funds which may be received by the terrorist group Hezbollah, wasn′t much of a bill. It passed by unanimous consent, minus Rubio′s presence on the floor, as it was as milquetoast as passing a proclamation that vitamins are good for your children. What legislative courage that is!

Rubio never recovered. Cruz never recovered, either, even though he tried sounding like Trump, stealing his campaign themes. Jeb Bush got some cheers here and there from those donors in the audience, but still ended the night as a weakling. Ben Carson was there and managed to stay awake, even answered a couple of rare questions to him. So Donald Trump wins as he not only attacked the in-house audience for being the monied puppet masters for Bush and the others, but wound up earning some respect and cheers by the end. Kasich and Christie also did well, scoring points where needed. That is how the New Hampshire Republican debate played out on ABC News.