Who won the Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders battle last night during the MSNBC Democratic debate? Depends on who was the bigger Progressive-Socialist? Bernie says he is while Hillary challenged his street cred. Sanders was more interested in how cozy Clinton was with Wall Street? I would say, VERY COZY! But, you know, getting $225,000 per 45-minute speech from Goldman Sachs is nothing special, if you believe Hillary Rodham Clinton. Even if you do three such speeches in one year! Bernie Sanders, along with moderator Chuck Todd demand that Hillary release the transcripts from those speeches, so we all can learn the truth. Was Hillary Clinton paid such sums for her insights and wisdom? Or was it just bribes for access?

I am kind of leaning, ever so slightly, towards ′bribes for access′, but that is just my humble opinion. Last night′s debate was one of the four new debates added to the DNC roster. I have to say it was sort of interesting in a bizarre sort of way. Watching these two idiots, well, four if you include Todd and Rachel Maddow, argue over the differences between being a Progressive and a Socialist was amusing. Note to audience, there is not a damn bit of difference! Both are one in the same, along with the modern definition of Liberalism. The only real difference is whether you consider Sanders and Clinton to be Classical Marxists or Cultural Marxists?

For your information, a ′Classical Marxist′ believes that the struggle is that of class, based on economics. On one side are the Bourgeois, the rich and landed, types, against the Proletariat, the masses of poor or ′common people′. On the other hand, the ′Cultural Marxist′ concerns itself with the struggles between those with privileges, dividing the population into many groups and subgroups. So many that the struggle for total equality is completely impossible, resulting in endless strife and warfare within a society. Why is that so desirable? Because in such struggles there is continuous chaos and endless opportunities for centralizing control.

Ah-hah! Now we know why Barack Obama and the rest of the Democrats engage in this practice of Cultural Marxism. Its the way to keep their boots on our throats! The big problem for the Democrats, however, is that it is spinning out of control. Yes! Even out of their control. Take for example when activists from BlackLivesMatter knocked Bernie Sanders off his stage at a campaign event last summer. I believe it was his appearance in either San Francisco or Seattle. Some incredibly, hyper-Liberal city. The activists complained about how they had to fight their way to the stage through a crowd of racists. This made the White-Liberals very upset! How dare they be called racists! Aren′t Republicans racists and Liberal Democrats okay?

Apparently not! Likewise we saw a similar episode during the Keystone Pipeline debate. Labor Unions, whom are heavily Democratic and in favor of those high-paying construction jobs were up against the Environmentalists, Liberal Democrats more concerned about Mother Earth than their pocketbooks. Yep, while much of The Media is focused on the divisions within the GOP over who is more Conservative and who is a Cuckservative, as if either really mattered, decades of movement from Classical Marxism to Cultural Marxism are beginning to tear apart the Democratic Party.

The Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders battle last night during the MSNBC Democratic debate was delightful to watch as these two worn-out Liberals tried to top each. Neither can be trusted as they are both Progressive-Socialists. Hillary Rodham Clinton is even less trustworthy. Not because of lying about Benghazi or her handling of classified emails, as Democrats don′t care about that. But because of all of the money Hillary has received from the big banks and hedge funds of Wall Street! Will Hilldog release the transcripts of the speeches she gave to Goldman Sachs executives? Maybe they got wiped from her private computer/email server by the darn dust cloth like her Benghazi emails?