Dear Mister Donald J Trump. I am writing this ′open letter′ to you today because I support you. I believe that you are the only presidential candidate who has a slight chance at saving America from total disaster. As of this past Friday, the United States government is now carrying an ′on-budget′ National Debt of $19 Trillion dollars. By the time Barack Hussein Obama leaves the White House, it will be over $20 Trillion. That′s not the worst of it! Back in 1992, H. Ross Perot warned us about ″the crazy aunt in the attic″. At that time, we had an ′on budget′ National Debt of only about $4.5 Trillion dollars. But the ″crazy aunt in the attic″ is that mysterious, shadow world of our government known as ′Commitments and Contingencies′. In 1992, it was ′estimated′ to be between $25 Trillion to $40 Trillion dollars of ′off budget′ debt. Today, it is estimated to be somewhere between $67 TRILLION to over $1 QUADRILLION DOLLARS!!! Nobody really knows since the Federal Reserve Bank has never been audited and nobody is telling us how many IOUs are in the Social Security Trust Fund. So please listen to me for one moment if you really want to be president and save our nation. To do that, you MUST win New Hampshire!

So what the heck are you doing in Arkansas with just six days to go before the New Hampshire primary? You and your family need to be in New Hampshire closing the deal. You need a win and the decisive win at that! Forget about Iowa, forget about Ted Cruz and Canada. He′s had his day in the sun. Don′t worry about the rest of the candidates. Trust me, they all stink and are nothing compared to you! Let bloggers like me deal with them. That′s our bag! I can find fault and bash anybody, and there are plenty of folks like me out there in the blogasphere capable of trashing your opponents. Between blogs like this and video-bloggers on You-Tube, you, Mr. Trump, have plenty of allies to do the dirty work of mudslinging. Trust me, there are enough rumors floating around about your competitors, like Marco Rubio, for people like me to do the job for you.

Consider my advice. Stick with your message! Everyday remind people that you are self-funding your campaign. That you are not beholding to Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan/Chase, Wall Street, hedge funds, the insurance industry, Big Oil and Big Pharma. That is such a huge advantage for you! First, you do not have to spend valuable time raising money. Time, right now, is your most critical resource. There will never be enough of it. I know plenty of people from all walks of life, from every political persuasion, that admire you for self-funding. Some are life-long Democrats, even Socialists, who want to vote for you because they believe, as I do, that you will be our first, honest president in a very, very long time.

Our country is in such deep trouble right now. Between a shaky financial infrastructure, millions of illegal immigrants, terrorists, other nations seeking to exploit our weaknesses, and our own government wasting money and burdening us with stupid taxes and regulations, America is in a mess! Frankly, I doubt if anything can be done at this point to spare us from some level of a major collapse. Over the last year, I am becoming more Neo-Reactionary, thinking more and more that it may be time to just ′let it go′. Just give up on the current system and let it collapse. To spend what time we have left to figure out the best way to minimize the damage, survive and try to rebuild a better society on the back end when things settle down.

But, the Optimist, or maybe the Gambler, in me is always ready for one last spin of the wheel, one more roll of the dice. To mount the horse of action and draw the sword of liberty and make one last charge into glory! I won′t start quoting Kipling here, but you get the idea. Even if this final act turns out to be a futile gesture, I can at least remove my sleeves, bare the wounds on my arms and proudly proclaim, ″Yes! I road with Donald Trump on St. Crispin′s Day!″ This, the 2016 presidential campaign, is our Battle of Agincourt. We are sick, tired, outnumbered. The enemy is forming their battles and donning their armor. We either win here, now, in New Hampshire, or the enemy will ransom our bones. If you don′t win in New Hampshire next week Tuesday, then the Establishment wins and we are all doomed.

So, please, Mr. Donald J Trump, get yourself to New Hampshire and stay there till Tuesday night. This primary is still one, like Iowa, that demands plenty of ′retail politics′. In between your big rallies, walk the streets of Manchester and Nashua. Pop in at diners and coffee shops. You′ll have a huge crowd following you around and plenty of press. Spend part of a day in Dixville Notch, where they vote at midnight. If you win there, that′ll get you the morning headlines and an easy extra 10,000 votes by Tuesday night. Forget about attacking others, focus on how you are the deal maker. You will get Congress and both parties to agree to fixing our economy, our infrastructure, our trade accords. How you will secure our borders and wipe out ISIS. Cruz and the rest are a joke and not worthy of your time. Time management is crucial for you right now if you want to win in New Hampshire. You do your job and win! Let people like me be your ′Dogs of War′ and we′ll deal with the opposition. Stay focused on your basic message and keep your hands clean. Make America Great Again!