Is Ted Cruz a phony Conservative? Is Cruz truly anti-Establishment? Some have been asking that question. One thing we do know is that his wife, Heidi Cruz, in 2005 participated in a report by the Council of Foreign Relations entitled, ″Building A North American Community″. The working group, known as the Independent Task Force on North America, calls for a wide range of changes which would impact our national sovereignty, border security, military defense, resource management, the ″flow of labor″, immigration, regulations, etc. The report also calls for the formation of a Tri-National parliament. Heidi Cruz, who is clearly a member of The Establishment, writes on Pages 33 and 34 that ″I support the Task Force report and its recommendations aimed at building a safer and more prosperous North America.″ Safer and more prosperous for whom? Warren Buffet? Joe Six-Pack? How about the phony patriot, Glenn Beck? Nope, this is bad, all the way around!


Don′t believe me? Visit the CFR website here and download the document yourself. Its free, unless you want a hard copy in book form. That will cost you $15 ′Yankee dollars′. The idea of a North American Union, similar to the European Union, has been around for quite some time. If there is one man behind its conception, that would be Robert Pastor. He started the ball while working for Jimmy Carter under NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement, was the first step. After the elections of George W. Bush and Vicente Fox in 2000, the plan gained ground. Names like the North American Union (NAU) or Union of North America (UNA) were bandied about. Ideas for flags emerged, such as a US flag with 96 stars and a green or blue flag with three white stars. A currency for the the Tri-National supers state was discussed, called the Amero. Our Federal Reserve Bank even printed and coined some examples of what it might look like.

Both Ted and Heidi Cruz are Establishment players. They went to the right schools and got their tickets punched as they proceeded up the career ladder. Heidi has worked in investment banking for all the big names. Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan and is currently on leave from Goldman Sachs while her hubby runs for president. She also worked under Condoleezza Rice in the Bush′43 administration, as well as for the US Treasury and in other capacities. Likewise, Ted Cruz has also gotten his ticket punched at all of the Establishment points. At Princeton, Ted got his BA from the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. It doesn′t get much more Progressive than that! After Harvard Law School, Ted Cruz clerked for the US Court of Appeals and later for Supreme Court Justice William Rehnquist. He was a private council for John Boehner, if you can believe that! He then went on to work for George W. Bush and was part of the 2000 election court battle over the ′hanging chads′. He later wound up working in Texas as Solicitor General and in between posts also worked in the private sector as a lawyer.

So when The Media and others try to claim that Ted Cruz is an ′outsider′, or ′anti-Establishment′, they are just dead wrong! He is well entrenched in the Washington Machine. Ted Cruz is as much of an ′Insider′ as anybody else running for president. There is nothing special nor unique about him. Except that he may not be a natural born citizen, but then a few other candidates this cycle share that issue, like Marco Rubio. I have to wonder why Megyn Kelly hasn′t questioned Cruz about all of this? Why are Glenn Beck, Mark Levin and Erick Erickson supporting Ted Cruz? Are they just ignorant or are they phony patriots? If I can find this connection between Cruz and the Council on Foreign Relations, why haven′t they? As I stated earlier, if you do not believe me, then read the Council of Foreign Relations report, ″Building a North American Community″ yourself at the CFR website.