The United States Department of State announced yesterday that some 22 Hillary Clinton emails are ′Top Secret′ and contain information ″too damaging″ to be released to the public. Even in a redacted format, according to a State Department spokesman. This news comes as Hillary Rodham Clinton faces a tough race against Bernie Sanders for the Iowa Caucus on Monday. Many polls show them in a statistical dead heat. Meanwhile, there are growing rumors that the FBI will recommend that both Hillary Clinton and her top aide, Huma Abedin should be indicted by the Department of Justice over the mishandling of classified emails on the Clinton private server.


It sure sucks to be Hillary Clinton, doesn′t it? Especially when the long arm of John Law is reaching out for you! When Barack Obama invited Bernie Sanders to the White House on Thursday, I had a feeling that something was brewing about Hillary. As if Bernie were briefed that she would soon be indicted. Over the past week or two, there have been more signs that Obama was getting ready to cut the strings on her. Such as when Josh Earnest stated that the Inspector General for the Intelligence Community was ″independent″ while Team Clinton was trying to paint the IG as a Republican hack.

Then came Friday morning on MSNBC′s ″Morning Joe″ where Joe Scarborough mentioned that somebody he knows from ″another network″ asked him when MSNBC would start covering the email scandal more? Sure enough, after the State Department made its announcement on Friday, everybody was talking about it! Team Clinton tried to spin this breaking news as a case of ″over classification″. But, this time, if I am hearing the State Department double-speak correctly, it sounds like that they are the ones making the classification this time, not other agencies in the Intelligence Community.

The Department of State was trying hard to delay the release of the remaining Clinton emails until well after the first batch of caucuses and primaries. They were under a court order to release the remainder by the end of January. They even tried to use last weekend′s blizzard as an excuse for the delay. I guess ′the dog ate the emails′ wasn′t going to fly this time around. Very late in the day, 1,000 more emails were finally released, but there are still more to come at a later date.

Do you agree with me that the signs coming out of Washington are all pointing to Hillary Rodham Clinton being indicted soon? That this new story about 22 Hillary Clinton emails being Top Secret may be the last straw? Even if the Department of Justice were to ignore the FBI′s recommendation, is Hillary′s campaign toast? Will the DNC allow Bernie Sanders to take the nomination if the latest trend unfolds? Or will Joe Biden and others jump in to save the party? One thing is certain is that this latest news is not good for Hillary Rodham Clinton.