The latest battle between Donald J Trump and the Fox News Channel ended in a Trump victory during the GOP debate yesterday evening. Without Trump on stage, the debate was dull, so dull that even the guac-bowl-selling, low-energy Jeb-Exclamation-Point wound up being the winner. Megyn Kelly, Chris Wallace and Bret Baier beat up Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio enough to hand Trump a probable win for the Iowa Caucus on Monday. Meanwhile, about 3 miles away at Drake University, there was high-energy as Donald Trump honored our nation′s veterans and raised $6 million dollars in just one day. The pro-veterans rally peaked when Trump introduced a real American hero, former Special Forces Sgt. 1st Class John Wayne Walding. He gave a long, rousing speech on how he has handled losing a leg during a firefight in Afghanistan. Walding then introduced two US Marine friends, Jeff Kyle and Jacob Schick. Schick heads the #22Kill Project, a veterans group working to help vets suffering from PTSD. He presented Trump with an ′Honor Ring′ in thanks for helping raise money and awareness of their cause, as well as for 21 other veterans groups.

Donald Trump Crushes Fox News

While it may be difficult in to determine just how big the audience was for Trump, as C-SPAN does not keep track, it was most certainly a bad night for Fox News. Early estimates are between 11 and 13 million viewers, far down from the 25 million last time. The number is close to that of the Fox Business Network debate, which is carried by less than half of cable and satellite subscribers that FNC is. CNN and MSNBC, whom carried the Trump event, are estimating their combined audiences at about one-fourth of that of FNC′s. Many local TV stations in Iowa and elsewhere also carried the Trump event, too. I suspect that many people may have done what I did. I started out watching it on CNN, but then when Don Lemon butted in to talk with Bob Beckel, I switched over to MSNBC. Then when they went to a snarky Rachel Maddow, I switched again to C-SPAN and watched the rest there.

Trump did gibe CNN an exclusive interview prior to the event, during which he said that Fox News did call and finally apologized, begging him to appear. But Donald told them that it was too late. He was already committed to the veterans event. The rally was amazing! Trump kept his own ′stump speech′ to a minimum, spending much time thanking individual fat-cat friends who donated big checks. Donald, himself, and two of his pals, each donating $1 million dollars to fatten the kitty. An online website set up by the Trump organization raised over $620,000 in just a few hours. The site,, will remain up for additional contributions. A complete list of all of the 22 veterans groups which will receive a share of the money being donated is available at Trump′s main website: A few of which are the Fisher House Foundation, the DAV, Folds of Honor and K9 for Warriors. All very legitimate and outstanding organizations, unlike the 2 Left-Wing groups which were attacking Trump.

There seems little doubt now that Donald Trump will not suffer from missing the Fox News Channel GOP debate last night. Voters for the Iowa Caucus will not hold his absence against Trump and he stands an excellent chance of winning the nation′s first caucus. I′ll predict that he wins Iowa by at least 10 points. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are the big losers, along with Fox News. The talk is that is Trump cost Fox News some $28 million dollars in advertising revenue. I hope they take that out of Megyn Kelly′s Christmas bonus! According to Trump, the last demand he was making in order to show up at the debate was for News Corporation to donate $5 million dollars to American veterans. But they refused and wound up paying an even bigger penalty, not to mention having their power and credibility deflated by Trump. Way to go, Donald!!! Putin and the Iranians better watch their step when facing President Trump!