As Admiral Ackbar would say, from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…, IT′S A TRAP! Donald Trump was almost trapped by Bill O′Reilly last night during an interview on ″The O′Reilly Factor″. One would think that Trump would refuse to appear on the Fox News Channel after being insulted by Roger Ailes and some PR wang. But, The Donald is a man of his word, and he had promised his old buddy, Lord Haw-Haw O′Reilly to be a guest on his show Wednesday night. The focus of which was Trump′s decision to skip tonight′s GOP debate on Fox News. But the chat became a trap as Big Bill apparently went back on his word to not beg Trump to reconsider. O′Reilly did indeed beg, shamelessly so, offering to excuse Trump of a debt of 17 vanilla milk shakes Trump owes Bill. But Donald J Trump stood firm and admonished O′Reilly for going back on his promise. Trump will host a benefit for veterans tonight at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa at 9pm and CNN plans to carry it live, opposite the Fox News debate!


I LOVE IT! Donald Trump has proven yet once again that he is beyond Media. Beyond all classic perceptions of being political. Fox News, under Roger Ailes, taunted Trump publicly in a very childish manner. They tried to push his buttons and played chicken. But whereas other lesser politicians would knuckle under and cave to the demands of The Media, Trump is beyond their reach. The guy′s got $10 Billion dollars! He doesn′t need Fox News! They need him and now will pay the price of their foolishness. Rumors are flying that Wells Fargo has pulled their ads from the debate, now that Trump won′t be there. There is talk that FNC is being forced to cut their ad rates from $750,000 per minute down to just $150,000 to keep customers. I LOVE IT!!!

One online poll shows that 83% of potential viewers are jumping ship and plan on watching Trump′s veterans event instead. The Donald says he will raise a lot of money, perhaps $5 Million or more, tonight, and 100% will go to help veterans. One veterans group, VoteVets, has condemned Trump for this, calling it a political stunt. But, keep in mind that they are a Progressive, Left-Wing group, more concerned about gay and lesbian issues, as well as climate change, than with veterans.

The Bill O′Reilly interview was interesting. I had to watch it, even though I refrained from watching FNC most of the day. Yep, I′m part of #BoycottFoxNews though I did watch about 5 minutes of ″The Five″, just to see how they are reacting to this dust up. Eric Bolling looked especially somber while Dana PeRINO trashed Trump, as usual. She and Jasper, America′s Ugliest Dog, need to go! I was also disappointed with Kimberly Guilfolye, though I figured she would stick by her pal Megyn Kelly. Too bad! Oh well, I′ve moved on to oogling some of the hostesses at QVC! Tee-Hee!

Bill O′Reilly looked absolutely desperate! My guess is that he felt confident that he could get Donald Trump to change his mind and attend the debate. He was wrong! O′Reilly even tried to use religion in his efforts, but Trump shot back with a taste of the Old Testament. An eye for an eye! You betcha! If anybody needs to apologize its Roger Ailes. He started this whole mess, as I described in my article yesterday. It was bad enough putting Kelly on the panel again. Don′t they have anybody else at Fox News? Where′s Brit Hume? Bill Hammer? If they need a blonde how about Heather Childress? She′s more of a ′pure′ journalist than Megyn Kelly.

The arguments for Trump attending the debate are lame. ″The American people want to see you.″ Well, they will see Trump, on CNN at Drake University tonight raising money for veterans! A far more noble cause than answering stupid questions by moderators who think they are more important than the candidates. Next, we have, ″The people of Iowa want to see you with the other candidates and compare.″ There have been plenty of other debates and I′m sure that those in Iowa who plan on voting in the GOP caucus have seen the candidates already. If they haven′t made up their minds by now then they probably shouldn′t vote. Some of these candidates have been in Iowa for the past three years!

Donald Trump has already beaten the rest of the pack. He′s won or finished well in all of the previous debates. He′s dominating in the polls. Why should he bother arguing with somebody who has less than double digits of support? If Fox News truly wanted to give the voters in Iowa a good, solid look at the candidates, the prime-time event would only have at most 5 on stage. Three would be even better! But, instead, they have, or had, eight slated to appear with the other four at the earlier ′kiddie debate′. Why is it that during the primaries we have 20 or so debates and only 3 or 4 when we actually have to make the big choice in November? We′re not learning anything new. Maybe we might if the moderators ask real questions and not ′gotcha′ types.

Donald Trump gave Bill O′Reilly a generous token of his time out of respect. Far more than O′Reilly, Ailes and Kelly have given Trump. The GOP debate tonight on the Fox News Channel will be a disaster for FNC. Not only will CNN blow them away, ratings wise, by showing the Donald Trump veterans event at Drake University at the same time, but Trump will emerge as the victor of the evening. Tonight is Donald Trump′s defining moment, where he proves that he has broken the Reagan Barrier and has moved beyond The Media. Our political system will never be the same again. The American People are tired of the same-old, same-old. They are fed up with ′business-as-usual′ from the political class. The days of teleprompters and phony pandering are over! Trump has trumped them all, including the once mighty Fox News Channel.