The fur is flying after Donald Trump decided to skip the Fox News debate tomorrow. FNC issued a statement trying to prove that this is all about Megyn Kelly, whom Trump dislikes after she attacked him on unfounded charges of being disrespectful of women during the first Fox debate. But the Trump campaign has released two letters that were exchanged between FNC and the candidates. There is little doubt that the Fox News Channel was planning yet another ambush against Donald J Trump. For example, this upcoming debate will feature questions from a ′random selection′, including a Muslim woman activist and a Mexican immigrant ″who made good″ after coming to America. Their questions directly attack Trump on his stance on temporarily halting Muslims obtaining visas to enter the United States and Trump′s plan to build a wall along the border with Mexico.

Aside from that, there are other issues, including the statement Fox News released yesterday taunting Trump in a childish, disrespectful manner. Many are rallying to Trump, including Joe Scarborough, host of MSNBC′s ″Morning Joe″. This morning, Scarborough said that if a news organization said the same of him, he would go out in the middle of 6th Avenue and set himself on fire rather than attend such a debate. With more and more people siding with Trump, about the only persons backing Megyn Kelly are Roger Ailes and Michael Moore. Talk about sleeping with the enemy!

There is now word that Wells Fargo has decided to pull their ads from the FNC debate. I suspect that others will join in pulling their ads, which they were probably charged a higher rate for in expectations of a large audience. On social media, terms like #BoycottFoxNews and #BoycottDebate are trending fast. Without Donald Trump on stage Thursday night, the Fox News-Google Debate will most likely be a very small audience, far less than the expected 22 to 25 million viewers. Indeed, this affair may cause a minor rebellion within the network. A number of other FNC personalities are quite upset over Ailes′ decision to antagonize Trump. You can only tickle the dragon so long before you get burned and eaten. I′m sure Bill O′Reilly and others will be mighty pissed off if Trump decides to not do any more interviews with them.

Some critics say that Trump is a ″media whore″, feasting off the free advertisement network news programs give him. But the truth is that it is actually the other way around! The Media are the whores and Trump is a John with a pocket full of ratings and advertising cash. Networks and program hosts are in competition to have Trump on their shows. This is one of the reasons why Glenn Beck is so anti-Trump because The Donald has not been on his show which falls well behind those of Rush Limbaugh and Dr. Michael Savage. Speaking of which, Trump appeared on The Savage nation just 90 minutes before all hell broke loose on this story. Savage advised Trump to boycott the Fox News debate during the interview.

The big loser in all of this will be Ted Cruz, who will not have Trump to hide behind at the debate. Cruz will now get the full fury of the other candidates. The only good part is that few people will see it happen. I′ll be optimistic and say that maybe 6-7 million viewers watch the debate tomorrow. It could be even far less if Trump can organize his counter event, where he intends to raise money for veterans and wounded warriors. According to the Trump campaign, several other candidates are already calling to ask if they can participate with Trump? So there may be a number of empty podiums on the stage at the debate. If I were Huckabee, Kasich or Carson, I′d rather be with Trump, who will probably have 15-20 million viewers for such an event on TV.

Fox News really screwed the pooch on this one! This could be a fatal blow to them as a network. And for what? Megyn Kelly? She′s going to leave for NBC or ABC next time her contract is up where she can make big bucks and be her true self, which is a Progressive-Liberal. No, what is really behind this is that Rupert Murdoch is in league with George Soros, Silicon Valley and the US Chamber of Commerce to have open borders and much more illegal immigration. They fear Donald Trump! Especially now that he is on a trajectory to win not only the GOP nomination, but the White House as well.

So will you watch the Fox News debate now that Donald J Trump will skip it? Or will you watch Trump′s wounded veteran event instead if it runs at the same time? Do you think this will hurt Trump or help him gain even more support? What about Fox News? Is FNC committing suicide? Are they really fair, balanced and unafraid? The word is that Roger Ailes has tried calling Ivanka and Melania Trump in an effort to keep Donald on the debate stage. But Donald Trump refuses to talk to Ailes anymore and will only negotiate with Rupert Murdoch directly. What chance is there that a resolution may be found before tomorrow night?