BREAKING NEWS! CNN is reporting that Donald J Trump will indeed skip appearing on Thursday′s GOP debate to be hosted by the Fox News Channel. This came just one hour after FNC announced the line up for the debate. Oddly enough, Fox News has decided to go backwards, allowing the full field of 12 candidates to appear. They even changed their metrics to allow Rand Paul a podium on the prime-time stage! Hmm, I haven′t noticed any sudden surge in his poll numbers since the Fox Business Network bumped Paul to the ′kiddie′ debate a couple weeks ago. During which Rand skipped that to appear on The Daily Show. Trump spoke at a press conference before his latest rally tonight, saying that he ″probably″ will not attend the debate and instead hold an event to raise money for wounded veterans. So what is this all about? Is Trump making the right decision at this point in time?

Donald Trump skips Fox News debate

When Fox News announced that Megyn Kelly would once again be on the panel of questioners, Donald Trump was not happy. He and she had a ′Twitter War′ after the first GOP debate on FNC, when Trump stumped Kelly who tried to ′take down′ The Donald. Well, everybody is trying to ′take down′ Trump now with the Iowa Caucus just barely 6 days to go. The Cruz campaign, the National Review, Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, George Will, even Rush Limbaugh seems to be ′delicately′ questioning Trump′s authenticity. Now, Roger Ailes and the Fox News Channel have joined in the fray. They see this as their last chance to stop the Trump Train from winning Iowa and then running the table, and total victory!

Thus, Ailes and FNC have issued a very snarky comment about Trump possibly skipping the debate. Donald wasn′t happy and believes that Fox News is biased and is planning to ambush him once again. Over the last month or so, we have seen that the networks are beginning to cull the herd, limiting the number of GOP candidates so viewers will hear more from those whom are more likely to last past Iowa and New Hampshire. So why is Fox News now reversing this trend. They are even bring Jim Gilmore back! Where is he in the polls? At 0.3% or less? The guy had no business even entering the race. Talk about somebody not being a ′serious candidate′!

We saw in the last FBN debate that instead of starting with a question to the frontrunner, which is generally the custom, Donald Trump was not asked a question until about 18 minutes into the show. That was with just six candidates on stage. Now, FNC will have 8. Frankly, at this point, even six is too many. There are really only three people running who have a shot at winning the Iowa Caucus; Trump, Cruz and maybe Rubio. For all practical purposes, Iowa is a two-horse race, Trump versus Cruz. If the goal is intended to give Iowa voters one last look at ′serious candidates′, why not just have the real contenders on at prime-time and let the deluge show their faces at the pre-debate-debate?

No, this is all about ratings! Fox News is hoping to have another big night by building up an ambush for Trump. Well, Donald isn′t fooled. This will be his defining moment where Trump proves to all that he is ′The Man′! Donald doesn′t need to go out on a blind date. He can blow it off and hang out with his buddies. Ditch the B*tch! Like a true Alpha Male, He-Man! The end result will be Fox News having only 6-7 million viewers and losing millions in advertising revenue as sponsors pull out. A Trump spokesman told CNN that Donald may hold his own event on another network to raise money for wounded veterans during the FNC debate. You can bet that Trump′s show will blow away FNC by a mile and a half!

Frankly, I think its silly to have the debate now anyway. With just 6, may as well say 5 full days to go, Trump would be better off staying on the campaign trail, rallying supporters to caucus for him. Spending a whole evening in Des Moines, which is heavily Democratic anyway, is counter productive. Besides, if Trump isn′t at the debate, the odds are that after an initial round of condemning questions, the rest of the pack will tear away at Cruz and Rubio, harming them. Trump will easily survive any criticism for not attending, in fact, he′ll be cheered, once again, as a hero for standing up to The Establishment and The Media!

So I say, GO FOR IT, DONALD! Stick it to the Fox News Channel! Show them whose boss! This is the art of the deal, especially dealing from strength. CNN is reporting that Donald J Trump will not attending the GOP debate this Thursday night on the Fox News Channel. Roger Ailes and FNC showed their bias against Trump releasing a very snark and disrespectful statement about Trump. A Trump campaign spokesman told CNN that Donald Trump will not attend the Fox News debate and instead may hold an event on another network to raise money for wounded veterans. The gauntlet has been thrown! Will Roger Ailes and Fox News cave in and boot Megyn Kelly from the stage? Or will they suffer the embarrassment as their ratings tank over the matter? I′m betting on Trump either way. He will not only survive but this will give him that last big boost! Keep in mind that Trump skipped the very first GOP debate on C-SPAN held in New Hampshire and it didn′t hurt him one bit!