Welcome to Campaign Death Spiral 2016! With just seven days left before the Iowa Caucus, Donald J Trump and Bernie Sanders are building leads in the Hawk Eye State. The latest Fox News poll shows Trump passing Cruz and taking first place, 34% to 23%, a 15-point shift in just one week. The new CBS/YouGov poll shows Trump at 39% and Ted Cruz at 34%, a 14-point swing since December. The same poll shows Bernie Sanders overtaking Hillary Rodham Clinton 47% to 46%, a 6-point swing since the end of last year. The CBS/YouGov poll also shows Sanders building momentum in New Hampshire, 57% to 38%, a 5-point boost. In South Carolina, once seen as Hillary′s ′firewall′, Sanders is gaining, up 14-points, trailing Hillary′s 60% with ′The Bern′ at 38%. The talk now is that Hillary Clinton may fizzle out even earlier than she did in 2008! The panic in the DNC has forced them to add a town hall in Iowa tonight to be carried by CNN at 9pm EST. This as Donald Trump is poised for a clean sweep, running the table and winning all 50 GOP primaries and caucuses!


The Ted Cruz campaign for 2016 does look like it is about to implode. His latest attack ad against Trump is backfiring as the truth emerges. Cruz supporters charge that Trump used eminent domain laws to evict a little old lady in Atlantic City, New Jersey, with the ad showing a bulldozer demolishing a home. But, as it turns out, the woman was never evicted. Trump canceled the development project when he foresaw the market in Atlantic City starting to tank. Meanwhile, more and more voters are beginning to question just how anti-Establishment Ted Cruz really is as more is learned about his, and his wife Heidi Cruz, are connected to Big Oil, Wall Street and the Council of Foreign Relations.

Over at the Democrat side of the race for the White House, Hillary Clinton is also having credibility and likability issues. Her obtaining large speaking fees from Wall Street and major corporations is haunting her. On top of that, younger voters, especially young women, are now just learning about Hillary′s role in denouncing those ladies whom were part of husband Bill Clinton′s infidelity. In particular, how Hillary and her allies aggressively attacked Bill′s women who went public with their stories of how Bill raped and harassed them. The current trend in Liberal politics is to believe any rape charges made by a woman, not discount them as being ′trailer trash′ who got what they deserved, which is precisely how Hillary & Company went after them.

With the potential for Hillary Rodham Clinton to be indicted and prosecuted for the negligent mishandling of classified material on her private email server looming, billionaire and former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg is considering running as an Independent. His impact on the GOP ticket will be minimal, considering his pro-abortion, gun-grabbing, soda-banning and pro-climate change positions. Some say he is being considered as an alternative should Bernie Sanders win the DNC primary fight. That the Democratic Party would stage a floor fight at their convention to boot Sanders and deny him the nomination.

We will not have long to wait. In just seven days, the Iowa Caucus will take place, setting the stage for the New Hampshire primary, then the Nevada caucus and South Carolina primary. Donald J Trump is poised to win them all if the latest polls are accurate and then move forward to a clean sweep of the rest of the 46 states. Bernie Sanders may also follow suit. If he does win in Iowa, where he has a 1-point lead, it could catapult him for victories n the Deep South where he seems to be gaining ground. If that happens, the Hillary Rodham Clinton is finished. By the end of March, her 2016 campaign could be over. If Hillary is indicted for her email scandal, which we should know by mid-March, then its over anyway. Tonight′s town hall in Iowa, carried by CNN at 9pm Eastern, may be Hillary Clinton′s last shot at stopping Bernie Sanders.