I apologize for the title. I do not mean to focus solely on the so-called ′Great One′, radio talk host Mark Levin. There are plenty of other ′Cucks′ out there to choose from. Take Glenn Beck, whom, yesterday, vowed to vote fro Bernie Sanders over Donald Trump. Is he crazy? Yep, bat-s#*t crazy! So, too, is Mark Levin. This past week he declared that Trump is unsuitable to be president because Trump will ″make deals″ when he is elected president and goes to Washington. Levin argues that Ted Cruz, whom Levin considers to be a ″true Conservative″, will stand by his principles and not make any deals. Essentially, Mark Levin is advocating that over the next 4 years, that nothing should be done! That the US government should be brought to a complete standstill. There is just one, tiny, teensy-weensy, little problem with this ′logic′. Our nation is falling apart!

Let us define ′logic′ first. A quick Google search gives us the following definition, ″reasoning conducted or assessed according to strict principles of validity.″ Just to play it safe, let us further define ′validity′, just so we are all on the same page. ″The Quality of being logically or factually sound, soundness or cogency.″ Let′s settle for factually sound for the moment, as we do not want to confuse the matter between logic and logically.

So is Mark Levin factually sound about the menace Donald Trump poses if he goes to Washington and ″makes deals″? If it is a ′menace′ to accomplish things, like securing our borders or defeating ISIS, then I suppose Levin may have a ′logical′ argument. But being ″factually sound″ about Ted Cruz being such a principled guardian of ′Conservative values′ falls mighty short. Cruz supported the Obama-contrived Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty, also known as TPP, until it became politically unsavory. On immigration, Cruz, likewise, supported earlier attempts to reform our current system, including inevitable amnesty for all illegals. Again, he changed his tune when he saw the wind blow the other way. In other words, he′s your typical politician.

Make no mistake, Ted Cruz is an ′Establishment′ candidate. Oh, he may ruffle feathers here and there, cause some trouble now and then. But he, and his wife Heidi, are the consummate, ideal power couple, going to the right schools, working the right jobs, getting their tickets punched at each wrung of the Establishment Ladder to Success along the way. Especially Heidi Cruz! Not only does she work for Goldman Sachs, Illuminati Central Command, but also for JP Morgan and has even done some work for the Council of Foreign Relations, the CFR! I can see why Glenn Beck likes to drive around with Ted Cruz as they deliver toys to illegal immigrant children, perhaps as an act of love, George Soros style!

Mark Levin and others think that Donald Trump is part of the Establishment, and in all truth they are somewhat correct. Trump plays the game well, he has learned his lessons. Donald Trump scored his first big success entering the Manhattan real estate market when he purchased the Commodore Hotel from Penn Central. They were bleeding red ink by the train load, pardon the pun, and nobody but Donald Trump had the eyes and wisdom to see it. He later convinced them to sell their rail yards in central Manhattan, where Trump intended to build the world′s tallest skyscrapper. But, Mayor Ed Koch and the entire Manhattan financial community opposed Trump. His dream was crushed by The Establishment. This was when Trump began a campaign to garner political savvy and support. He fought his way to the table and ultimately succeeded by way of sheer tenacity.

So who is better equipped to deal with the boat load of troubles that America currently faces? A ticket-puncher or a scrappy fighter? Someone who has a record of zero accomplishments or somebody who built an impressive corporation? These are crucial, ′valid′ differences between Trump and Cruz. Logic would dictate that you support Donald Trump over Ted Cruz. But, no, Mark Levin, and many others, think that it would be just peachy to have 4 years of paralysis in Washington. Frankly, I suspect that since Cruz is part of the Establishment, an Insider whose had his ticket punched enough, he will do their bidding. After all, the first lesson in politics is once you get elected, do whatever you have to do to get reelected.

Cruz would make the perfect stooge candidate for the Establishment. Call it ′The Overton Window′. Bill Clinton′s old mentor at Georgetown, Professor Carroll Quigley described it well in his tome, ″Tragedy and Hope″. Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis. To achieve an objective, you create two seemingly distant, opposing viewpoints, then negotiate a compromise that moves the ball closer to the objective. This is why both Bush administrations really do not look all that different than those of Clinton and Obama. They are all playing for the same team, enriching themselves along the way.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, is already rich! Mind the warning by Julius Caesar to Marc Anthony in Shakespeare′s play. Caesar says, ″Let me have men about me that are fat; Sleek-headed men and such as sleep o′ nights. Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look; He thinks too much. Such men are dangerous.″ Yes, Ted Cruz does not have $4-10 Billion dollars! He′s ″lean and hungry″ and looking for the big pay off to all of his ticket-punching. Cruz makes a good Cassius. Caesar further describes him, ″He reads much; He is a great observer and he looks quite through the deeds of men. He loves no plays as thou dost, Anthony, he hears no music. Seldom he smiles, and smiles in such a sort as if he mocked himself and scorned his spirit that could be moved to smile at any thing. Such men as he be never at heart′s ease whiles they behold a greater than themselves, and therefore are they very dangerous.″ This sounds exactly like Ted Cruz!

Donald rump, on the other hand, is a merry fellow! Full of humor and charity. Just watch his roadshow at his rallies. He speaks off the cuff, jokes with his audience. I forget which rally it was when somebody in the crowd yelled to Trump that Obama was a Muslim. Trump turned to him and joked how The Media expects him to admonish such commentators. Wagging a finger at the supporter, Trump said, ″You are admonished!″ It was hilarious! The whole venue laughed along with Donald. Meanwhile, Cruz tried telling an old Henny Youngman joke to a crowd of Millennials and laid an egg. They didn′t know who Henny Youngman was!

So is Mark Levin crazy for wanting 4 years of Ted Cruz doing nothing while America rots away? Is Glenn Beck bats#*t crazy for vowing to vote for Bernie Sanders over Donald Trump? That choosing a Socialist over a Capitalist is better for the United States? George Will says he′ll vote 3rd Party rather than stain his hands voting for Trump. What logic and validity is behind that choice? Maybe he wants Michael Bloomberg to run as an ′Independent′ to carry out the next step towards Socialism now that it looks more and more like Hillary Clinton will be indicted for mishandling classified material? The 2016 presidential campaign is getting nuttier by the day thanks to Cuckservatives like Levin, Beck and Will. I′m sure the Founding Fathers will be really proud of them when America resembles Greece or Mexico or even Syria for that matter! God save the Foundation!