Is Ted Cruz eligible to be Canadian Prime Minister? According to many Canadian legal scholars, the answer is YES! The question of whether or not Ted Cruz is legally eligible to be elected as President of the United States is not as clear as it turns out. The fact that, under the laws of Canada, he qualifies for Canadian citizenship is the main reason why Cruz formally renounced his dual-citizenship status in 2014. But hold on to your hats! Does Ted Cruz want to be Prime Minister of the North American Union? What′s that, you ask? Sometimes it is also called the Union of North America, or UNA. In 2005, Ted′s wife, Heidi Cruz, working at the time for J.P. Morgan, was among a number of financial swells who wrote a report for the Council of Foreign Relations, CFR, on the formation of the NAU. Entitled, ″Building A North American Community″, the collection of essays promoted the New World Order idea of creating a continental super-state, much like the European Union. Heidi Cruz, as it turns out, is a big fan of creating the Amero, a replacement for the US and Canadian dollars, as well as the Peso. How about that, sports fans?

Ted Cruz Canadian

What, you ask? Ultra-Conservative Ted Cruz a shill for the New World Order? For the Establishment? Its not like he went around handing out toys with his buddy Glenn Beck to those illegal immigrant children that swarmed over our borders. Oh…, wait! Ted Cruz DID go around with Glenn Beck handing out toys to illegal immigrants! Beck even vowed to drive a truck into Mexico and pick the kiddies up and bring them here. Who knew Glenn Beck wants to be a coyote for the US Chamber of Commerce? Maybe Ted Cruz did and supports ′THE ESTABLISHMENT′?!?!?!

Ooooh! Scary! Not half as scary as this CFR document about creating the North American Union, NAU. You can download a PDF for free at the CFR website, or cough up $15 ′Yankee dollars′ to purchase it in book form. I wonder if Donald Trump has heard about this? Or the Cuckservatives at the National Review? Certainly ′The Great One′, Mark Levin, must know? Doesn′t he? I mean, if Ted Cruz is elected president and then sells us out to the now, wouldn′t that make him a Bad Guy to many who support him?

Speaking of which, let us get back to the Canadian citizenship thing. According to a former chairman of the Canadian Bar Association′s Citizenship and Immigration Section, Stephen Green, Ted Cruz is a Canadian by birth. Julie Lafortune of the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration Canada won′t say one way or the other unless Cruz signs a privacy waiver. But she did tell reporter Todd Gillman of The Dallas Morning News back in August 18, 2013, that under Canadian law, anyone born in Canada, with the exception of those whose parents are diplomats from other nations, are Canadian citizens. Ted Cruz′s parents were not diplomats, nor any sort of US officials. His father, who did not become a naturalized US citizen until 2005, was a Cuban petroleum seismologist. Ted′s mother was a US citizen, born in Delaware.

So while the question of whether or not Ted Cruz could run for President of the United States remains unclear, he can indeed run for Prime Minister of Canada. But if his wife, Heidi Cruz, has anything to say, she might want Ted Cruz to become the first Prime Minister of the North American Union! Or is it the Union of North America, UNA? So if you want the New World Order, go ahead and vote for Ted Cruz! If he is elected, you can say goodbye to the US dollar and hello to the Amero. This will make life easier for when Ted Cruz and Glenn Beck drive around giving toys to children, since they won′t be illegal immigrants anymore. The United States, Canada and Mexico will be all one big happy family. I wonder how much a subscription to the National Review will cost in Ameros? Who would have thought that the REAL Establishment candidate is Ted Cruz? Those guys in the Council of Foreign Relations, CFR, sure are a tricky bunch!