With just ten days to go before people start voting in the Iowa Caucus, the National Review has declared war on Donald J Trump…, again! Actually, they′ve been at war against Trump from the very beginning. A ′Conservative Manifesto′ has been drafted and approved by the editors of the once proud magazine. They claim that Trump would destroy the GOP and the Conservative Movement. Senior Editor Rich Lowry calls Trump supporters sexual deviants. Of course, the way he did so only serves to prove how out of touch he is with modern culture. The ′hip′ way to describe it would be ″degenerate Weebo clutching his Waifu″. But that is what happens when all you can claim is a feast off of the carcass of a dead giant. All week long everyone is piling on over who and what is a ′real Conservative′? A Nationalist? A Populist? I say to them what Ludwig von Mises told Hayek, Friedman and other like-minded swells once at an economic seminar in Switzerland…, ″YOU ARE ALL A BUNCH OF SOCIALISTS!!!″

Before I explain, first, a musical interlude…

″Come ride the Trump Train it is rolling down the track to Armageddon″ (4 train bells)
″Don′t forget your AR and high-cap mags for Armageddon″ (2 train whistles)
″Lots of Cuks… You bet! Even more when you get…, to Armageddon″
″Cukservative Armageddon!″

″There′s a worn out rag called the National Review at Armageddon.″
″It is run by Rich, he′s a real b*tch at Armageddon.″
″And there′s Uncle Glenn, he′s cukking like a hen at Armageddon.″
″Cukservative Armageddon!″ Woo-Woo!

Glenn Beck an editor for the National Review??? When did THAT happen?!?! William F. Buckley Juuuuunnnior must be screaming in his grave right now! Okay, let′s get real for one or two moments. What is the objective for November 2016? Defeat Hillary Clinton, or whomever the Democrats pick to run for the White House? Is that not the goal? H-E-L-L-O??? Who stands to be the best shot at achieving this goal? Let′s see…, Jeb Bush? Um, no! Marco Rubio? No! Ted Cruz? Hell NO! Donald J Trump? HELL YES!!!

Donald Trump has shaken up the entire world of American politics. Why? Because he isn′t taking a dime from special interest groups, he isn′t using teleprompters, and he′s not using the usual gang of Beltway Bozos for running his campaign. Trump is talking ′truth to power′ during his straight talking steam of consciousness speeches. Like Douglas MacArthur chanting ″Duty, Honor, Country″, Trump′s message is simple and clear. Secure our borders, destroy ISIS, fix the economy with more jobs and fewer taxes, make great trade deals, help our veterans and Make America Great Again. No ideology. No intellectual nuances that the average voters don′t care about. Trump′s latest ′positive′ TV ad goes even simpler. Unify the country and be happy. What more needs to be said?

In the last week or two, all of the nuts are crawling out of the woodwork. George Will says he′ll vote third party if Trump is the Republican Party nominee. Mark Levin is putting out a $5,000 bounty on who is trying to connect his girlfriend′s son with Ted Cruz. Now we have Lowry, Beck, Erickson, Bozell and others claiming that Trump will destroy the GOP and the Conservative movement. You know what? If Trump can destroy it, then it deserves to be destroyed! Talk about a lack of faith in principles and philosophy. No wonder Ayn Rand once said that she had less respect for Conservatives than she did with Socialists. If these fools think their position is so fragile that one man can undermine them, then they have little faith in their beliefs. Which is why I use the term Cuckservative to describe them. They obviously don′t believe in what they are selling.

Who am I to judge? An objective observer. Well, sort of. I have made no bones that I′m backing Donald J Trump. Why? Because I want to see a smart, savvy businessman in the White House! A heterosexual, Alpha Male! Not some ′Cuck′ only interested in his next book deal or appearance on Fox News. Nope, I want a strong, masculine male to lead us back to victory. Not somebody who is going to fold like a cheap suit and be intimidated by Putin, ISIS, CNN nor the New York Times.

Trump is all that and more! Just look at how he has survived the most horrendous assaults by The Media and other opponents over the last 8 months. Do you honestly think that Ted Cruz would have lasted that long and be number one in every single poll, state or nationwide? HELL NO!!! The only reason Cruz is still in the game is because he has been hiding and drafting behind Donald Trump and Ben Carson. If those two guys were not around, Ted Cruz would have been run off the stage by now. He would be with Rick Perry and Lindsey Graham on the sidelines. Ben Carson lasted as long as he did because Trump was the primary target of every Liberal and RINO on the pundit parade. Donald Trump took the full measure of the assaults and beat them back. He is literally becoming indestructible at this point. If anyone had anything to throw at him, they would have by now.

Trump is now Golden. Nobody can touch him, nobody can stop him. His fate is now in the hands of The People. If the polls are any indication of that, Trump is destined to win the GOP nomination and most likely to win the White House in November. The only individual who can hurt Donald now is himself. Given how he′s already survived a few faux pas that would have ended any other campaign, I′m not sure if even that is true anymore.

The National Review is in denial. They are still clinging to outdated and outmoded political concepts. I′ve said it before and I′ll say it again, Donald J Trump has broken the Reagan Barrier. He is poised to expand ′The Big Tent′ to ′The Big Stadium′. Polls show wide, broad-based support for Trump across every demographic. About 20% of his base are Democrats already and I suspect more to come. Minnesota is tracking for Trump. 64% of SEIU′s membership is planning to vote for The Donald. We are on the verge of a political landslide unseen in US history. A year ago, I wrote that I would hold my nose and vote for guac-bowl merchant, Jeb Bush, rather than Hillary Clinton. My advice to the folks at the National Review is get over it and make peace, not war. The only people who are going to destroy the GOP and the Conservative movement are those who think they are saving it by going against the wind. And the wind is blowing hard in Trump′s favor. Set your sheets and unfurl the sails! Avalon is just across the horizon. Trump is yielding Excalibur! Ride with him and slay the dragon!