Hillary Clinton is in trouble. Very big, deep, deep trouble! The question on many people′s minds right now is will Hillary Clinton be prosecuted? I think that the answer is already before us, YES! If you have been paying attention to the whole email scandal thing, there is little doubt that federal laws were broken. The mere fact that there was classified material on her private email server is a violation of the Espionage Act as the material was mishandled. That, by itself, is a felony, and could earn one to three years per offense. So far, there have been some 1,340 such documents found in the emails reviewed. But the situation goes well beyond just that, according to the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community, Mr. Charles McCullough III.

According the IC-IG, Hillary Clinton had ″several dozen″ documents that were rated as being ′Top Secret′, as well as the higher rating of ′Special Access Programs′. These documents are very problematic to Mrs. Clinton, as the only original source for them would have been a secured facility. You′ve seen such places in TV shows and movies. Computer rooms built inside large Faraday cages to block out electronic bugging. The computers themselves are isolated or linked to a secure network, with no connection to the public Internet. Somebody would have had to enter the facility, copy the documents on some media, like a USB memory stick, then remove it to another computer and send it to Hillary′s private email account. Doing that is a major, federal felony, worth 5 to 10 years on each count.

So this explains why the FBI went from just a dozen or so investigators to 100-150 now believed to be on the case. They have gone past just looking at Hillary and are also now investigating her staff members, too! There are also indications from several news stories that the FBI is now also looking at Hillary′s activities as Secretary of State and possible influence peddling done by her husband, Bill Clinton, through his activities with his charity group, often called The Clinton Foundation. Many of the emails contained classified material concerning countries and companies which Bill gave speeches to or excepted donations from around the time the emails were sent or received. Bill, and other staff of the Clinton Foundation, would have had access to such documents on the private email server.

FBI Director James Comey fired a flare about a month ago during a press conference when asked about the Clinton case. He said that his decision to recommend an indictment or not would not be influenced by politics. Now, if ′The Fix′ were already in, he would have given the usual ″I will not comment on an ongoing investigation″ answer. But, instead, his answer clearly is a signal that he probably already knows what he is going to do and that is not good for Hillary Clinton. It was intended to send a signal to the Obama administration and the Democratic Party that they had better figure something out and quickly. The rumor mill in Washington is that the recommendation to indict will be formally submitted sometime between late February to mid-March. If Obama and Attorney General Loretta Lynch decline to indict, many FBI officials, including Comey, may resign in protest.

This explains why Joe Biden said recently that he regrets his decision not to run for president, opening the door for a quick entry. Jerry Brown and a few other Democrats are also making noises about jumping in the race after Iowa and New Hampshire. The DNC just announced that they will add additional debates. Hillary Clinton is starting to slip again in the polls. Bernie Sanders is already way ahead of her in New Hampshire and Iowa is becoming a horse race. The latest polls from South Carolina are showing Sanders gaining some ground, there. Sanders drew a large crowd of some 7,000 people in Alabama earlier this week, a sign that Hillary may be in trouble in the Deep South where it was believed that Sanders had no chance of winning against her.

Will Hillary Clinton be prosecuted? If she is indicted, which seems very likely, she will be prosecuted. The Obama administration cannot afford the stain on its legacy to give her a free ride. They tolerated her for 4 years and look where that has gotten them. The big question now is who in the Democratic Party will be the first to publicly ask Hillary to drop out of the presidential race? Harry Reid should do it since he′s retiring anyway. But I think it will be a governor, either Jerry Brown, whom has never been a big fan of the Clintons, or John Hickenlooper of Colorado. He′s the up and coming, fair-haired boy of the DNC. But then, hes a White Man, so he doesn′t count. Does he?