There was a major alignment last night, both in outer space and in Ames, Iowa. Along with five, visible planets lining up across the heavens, Sarah Palin has endorsed Donald J Trump to the next President of the United States of America! This was bad news for Ted Cruz, who also got hammered yesterday by Iowa′s very popular governor, Terry Branstad, over Cruz for opposing ethanol subsidies. In the Land of Corn, that is the kiss of death! But the big question is will Sarah Palin help or hurt Donald Trump in the 2016 GOP primary? Will she ′seal the deal′ in Iowa, Cruz′s only shot at an early win? Or will Palin become an albatross for later on down the road in the general election if Trump is the nominee?


Being an optimist, and still a Palin fan, I have to say that her endorsing Trump could prove to be the clincher for victory in the Iowa Caucus. Trump has a substantial lead in New Hampshire, and every other state where a poll has been taken. Winning Iowa first would be the start of a clean sweep, running the tables towards total victory! If nothing else, this has put the breaks on whatever momentum Cruz was building as he siphoned off former supporters of Ben Carson. After a dicey debate performance, Ted Cruz is already seeing signs in the latest Iowa polls that he has lost the ′Big Mo′.

Word broke on Monday that Trump was going to have a big endorsement when he returned to Iowa on Tuesday. Many thought it could be from Jerry Falwell Jr., President of Liberty University, who gave Trump high praise when Donald spoke there on Martin Luther King Day. Falwell indicated that he could care less about ideological purity and favored Trump because of his strength and skill set. This was not good news for Ted Cruz, who is depending on Evangelicals, Conservatives and Tea Party members to line up like sheep and support him.

Palin, who is still widely favored by all three groups, along with veterans and other patriots, became the subject of rumors when news of her air travel seemed to match that of Trump′s. By mid-day Tuesday, the cat was out of the bag! Trump, himself, confirmed as much. Sarah and he would make the big announcement in Ames at Trump′s scheduled rally. After another campaign stop in Iowa on Wednesday, they would appear together in Oklahoma at a rally expected to have over 12,000 people in attendance. While Donald Trump campaigns with Sarah Palin at his side, all Ted Cruz can do is hang out with his last friend, Glenn Beck.

Trump also picked up an endorsement from the well-known celebrity, Jesse James! Another blow to Cruz as James is a resident of Texas, where he builds motorcycles as well as customized firearms. I half expect Ted Nugent to jump on board the Trump Train next, especially if Cruz does wind up finishing second in Iowa. Once that happens, the floodgates will open and nobody will be able to stop Trump in his bid for the White House.

And I mean, NOBODY! Hillary Clinton is in more deep trouble as independent Inspector General for Intelligence has confirmed that Hillary did send ultra-sensitive, classified material using her private email server. Dozens of Top Secret documents, as well as several with the higher ′Special Access Project′ or SAP status, were not only received by Hillary Clinton, but sent as well. A clear violation of federal laws. Not only was the law broken by her receiving and sending the classified material using her private email server, but somebody also broke the law by removing the data from secure servers in order to send it to her. Much of this material can only be transmitted between government maintained, secured servers, kept in special rooms like those seen in many TV shows and films. Such rooms are contained inside Faraday cages to block out any possible electronic bugging. Just removing the material from such facilities is a federal crime.

Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden take on Trump? What a joke! He′ll clean their clocks. Trump will clean Hillary′s clock, too, if Obama suppresses the Justice Department from indicting her. Now, we shouldn′t count our chickens until they′re hatched. But if Trump wins Iowa in 12, short days, then that′s it! Ballgame over! If you want proof, just look at the latest poll from Florida that shows Trump with 48%. Cruz, Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush combined have less support in the Sunshine State. By the time they vote in Florida, Trump will probably win with 55-60%, easy! After that, the rest becomes inevitable.

So don′t waste your time trying to tell me that Sarah Palin will hurt Donald Trump after endorsing him to be our next president. If all she does is just help him win the Iowa Caucus, that′s enough, and she probably will do just that! Donald J Trump is building the biggest coalition we have ever seen in American politics. It′s gone beyond the ′Big Tent′ to the ′Big Stadium′. Trump is more Reagan than Reagan! If he could, I′d bet that Dutch is smiling right now, proud that his old buddy is going to Make America Great Again Stick that in your pipe, George Will.