Last week Friday, Glenn Beck accused Donald Trump of voting for Barack Obama. Beck retweeted a phony tweet on Twitter which made this claim. But Glenn went one step further, attacking Trump on his radio show and during while interviewed by Lord Haw-Haw, a.k.a. Bill O′Reilly of the Fox News Channel. Beck has made it very clear that he is on Team Ted Cruz, so naturally he is playing attack dog on Donald J Trump. But instead of sticking to attacking issues, Beck tells lies to shill for Cruz. Bad, Beck! Bad!


Okay, I have to admit that I was once a fan of Mr. Glenn Beck. I even once emailed my resume to him and his top editor at ′The Blaze′. That was one job I′m glad I never got! As of now, this day, Glenn Beck is DEAD to me! That′s right! He no longer exists! I should also admit, for the sake of candor, that I am a Trump supporter and fully intend on voting for him. I even recently declared myself a Republican to the City of Detroit Clerk so I get the right ballot form.

It is no wonder that Beck is a distant third after Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage. Glenn did tweet an apology for retweeting a fake tweet on Twitter. But he still contends that Donald J Trump voted for Barack Obama in 2008. Trump addressed this over the weekend, reminding folks that he raised millions of dollars for John McCain. True, Trump did say some nice things about Obama AFTER he was elected. But in Beck′s so-called apology, he included a link to his ′17-points′ of why Glenn still believes that Trump voted for Obama.

17 points? Really? Sorry, but they actually boil down to two main issues. That Trump has given money to Democrats in the past and that Trump was once a registered Democrat. I guess that makes me a Democrat, too! In 1992, I actually gave Jerry Brown $25 during his presidential run. I even registered as a Democrat to vote for him in the primary, as I wanted ABC, Anyone But Clinton. Such foresight I had so early in 1992! I knew then that Bill and Hillary were sleazy slime. Anybody, even Governor Moonbeam, was better! Hell, I′d register Dem now to vote for him over Hillary.

Okay, so Donald Trump was once a registered Democrat. H-E-L-L-O!!! He lives in New York City! If you want to vote and have a say in local politics, you have to vote in Democrat primaries. I know the feeling all too well living in Detroit. Glenn Beck should know it as well seeing how long he lived in New York City. Maybe Glenn just didn′t bother voting back then? As for donations Trump made, its part of doing business. Everybody understands that. Everybody except Glenn Beck, Ted Cruz, and the ′Cruzers′.

Why do I support Trump over Cruz? It′s true, I have written kindly of Cruz in the past, but there′s always been something about him that bothers me. Partly because he reminds of of Mister Haney from Hootersville. Every time Ted Cruz opens his mouth, I feel like he′s trying to sell me something cheesy from the back of his truck. ″I′ve got here a genuine copy of the US Constitution signed by George Washington himself for just $20. Err, umm, how′bout I throw in the quill pen used by John Adams in the XYZ Affair for just $10?″ Keep it, Ted and be on your way!

Beck, Mark Levin, Ted Cruz and others are complaining about how Donald Trump is not talking about the Constitution all of the time. ″He′s gonna take an oath to defend it but he doesn′t mention it!″ ″Boo-Hoo!″ Look, Trump has talked many times about the Constitution. He′s going to defend our gun rights with a nationwide right-to-carry law. Trump has been critical of Obama abusing executive actions and orders. He′s also been criticizing Ted Cruz as not being able to wheel and deal with the House and the Senate to pass legislation, something the Constitution requires. Trump is a master of ″The Art of the Deal″. I know, I′ve got an original, first edition copy of his book and the Milton Bradley boardgame based on it! Trump doesn′t just make promises, he makes deals and gets things done!

Unlike Ted Cruz, Donald Trump is not an ideologue. Trump is a man of action and accomplishment. That his is qualifications for being our next president. I could care less if he′s even read the Constitution, which I′m sure he has. Trump went to good schools back at a time when teachers actually taught about the Constitution, the right way! For Glenn Beck to say that Trump is a life long Democrat is just rubbish! Trump supported Ronald Reagan back in 1980. If it wasn′t for Trump renting helicopters to deliver ballot petitions to Albany, Reagan would not have been on the New York primary ballot. People forget that the 1980 Republican Convention was a hard fought affair in Detroit, Michigan between Reagan and George H. W. Bush. Without Trump′s assistance in New York, Bush may well had been the nominee.

Trump, like the deadly centipede, is a ″nimble navigator″, even in the world of politics. People, like Glenn Beck, forget about the numerous battles Trump fought with the Democratic administration of New York Mayor Ed Koch. It was literally a war that went on for years! Trump fought the whole Manhattan Establishment to get where he is today. What has Ted Cruz done? What scars can he show if he strips off his sleeves on St. Crispen′s Day? Cruz claims he led the fight against Obamacare, even though he wasn′t even in the Senate yet. What a liar!

If anyone is an Establishment Elitist in good standing, it is Ted Cruz! If you haven′t already, swallow that one, Glenn Beck! Cruz went to Princeton and then to Harvard Law School. While at Harvard, Cruz refused to associate with anyone who did not attend Harvard, Princeton or Yale. Ted′s wife works for Goldman Sachs, Illuminati Central Command in North America, and he has taken cash from them, Citibank and much of his campaign funding from Big Oil, Wall Street, etc. Like his old boss, George W. Bush, and his daddy, Mr. Establishment, George H. W. Bush, Ted Cruz carpetbagged his way to Texas and fakes a Texican accent as your typical, political phony. Sure, Ted Cruz appears to be the ′real deal′ but when you start peeling away layers of his onion, all you get is stink.

So I am not buying the Glenn Beck apology to Donald J Trump. I′m not buying you anymore, Beck! I′m done with you! Glenn Beck is now dead to me from this point forward! Maybe he still exists in ″Watter′s World″ but no longer in mine. I′m not worried about the Constitution in regards to Donald Trump, just as I′m not concerned about the difference between ″Second Corinthians″ and ″Two Corinthians″. Who cares??? How is it printed in the Bible, 2 Corithian 3:17? The country is falling apart and is being overrun. Overrun by rapefugees that you, Glenn Beck, recently vowed to drive across the border into America yourself! I could say something else right about now, but I′ll keep this G-rated. We need a man of action, of accomplishment to save the country. A man like Donald J Trump. Not a elitist, phony punk like Ted Cruz.