Somebody ate their Wheaties last night! Bernie Sanders defeated Hillary Clinton in the 4th Democratic debated, aired by NBC News. The two front runners duked it out over guns, taxes and healthcare. But the hardest blows came when Sanders pounded Hillary on her cozy ties with Big Banking. Namely, receiving $600,000 for a speech to Goldman Sachs executives. Ouch! I guess Ted Cruz isn′t the only candidate on their payroll. Even Martin O′Malley tried to get a few jabs in. Worse yet for the former First Lady is that Google has determined that the most asked question online is ″Will Hillary Clinton be prosecuted?″ My answer to that is if we lived in a world where Justice is truly blind and all are equal under the law, Hillary Clinton would have already been indicted on multiple counts. Many, many, multiple counts!


About the only good thing you can say about Hillary Clinton and her performance last night is that she seems to have her bladder issues under control. Maybe she took my advice and wore an adult diaper? The #DemDebate was a huge farce over all. The topic of national security was hardly touched until the second hour. Or should I say the final 53 minutes, as the debate ended 7 minutes early! A far cry from the GOP debate on Thursday night, which went well over its two-hour, scheduled time period. Looks like even the moderators got bored with listening to how each Democrat candidate wants to raise their taxes, take away their guns and further ruin their healthcare access. Oh, yeah, lets not forget that all three Democrat candidates want to turn our police forces into encounter groups. Fight crime through more diversity and sensitivity.

Did you watch the lunacy of last night′s Democratic debate? I had a hard time, especially with better programs on like ″Strange Truth″ on NatGeo and the Season 2 finale of ″The Royals″ on E!. Loved the scene where bodyguard Ted Price was beaten to death by the soccer mob! Good riddens to him! With just two weeks to go before the Iowa Caucus, the race among the frontrunners of both parties are squaring off, going in for the kill. Donald Trump is obviously prepared to push the blade in as deep as necessary to finish off Ted Cruz, and vice-versa. But it has seemed that Bernie Sanders is reluctant to polish off Hillary Rodham Clinton, that is, until last night. We may have a horse race yet, for all the good it will do them. Neither have a chance in hell of beating Trump in November!