Will Hillary Clinton be wearing an adult diaper during tonight′s Democratic debate? After the last debate, where Hillary arrived late on stage following a commercial break, many suspect that she had a long visit to the bathroom. Hillary Clinton, 69, is rumored to have a number of health issues, including possible brain damage from a slip-and-fall she experienced back in late 2012. The injury caused her to postpone an appearance before one of the first Congressional inquiries into the Benghazi terrorist attack against our consulate in eastern Libya. With Hillary′s poll numbers falling and Bernie Sanders closing the gap in Iowa and New Hampshire, Hillary Rodham Clinton cannot afford a poor showing at the fourth Democratic debate. Tonight′s debate from the Gaillard Center in Charleston, South Carolina will be covered by NBC News which is co-sponsoring it with You-Tube and the Congressional Black Caucus. Time Magazine and others will live-streaming video at their websites starting at 8pm EST and the debate, itself will air from 9pm to 11pm Eastern.

Hillary Clinton Diaper

Once again, the Democratic National Committee, or DNC, is going well out of its way to air their debates on days and time where few will watch. There is even very little advertising for it! I, myself, had to check out several websites to find out when it will air. At the NBC website, for some strange reason, they have another program listed on their schedule tonight! Some show about the Golden Globes. So I am ′assuming′ that NBC will carry the debate, but I am not 100% certain of it. You may have to watch it at Time′s website or using the NBC News app on your smart phone.

So why is the DNC making this so difficult? Hillary Clinton, that′s why! She′s a dreadful candidate! Nobody likes her. Even young women in the 18-30 demographic are not thrilled with Hilldog. Hillary′s other secret weapons, her husband Bill Clinton and their daughter Chelsea, are not exactly wowing folks, either. Bill’s got the shakes, probably from syphilis or too much cocaine use. His nerves are shot! Chelsea went rogue this week and attacked Bernie Sanders like he was some Right-Wing extremist because he wants to scrap Obamacare and is slightly more pro-gun than her mommy. Of course, Bernie wants to switch Obamacare to a full, outright ′single-payer′ system of nationalized healthcare, just as they have in England and many other countries. As for guns, Bernie is against manufacturers being legally liable for what demented idiots do with their product.

Will Hillary Clinton wear an adult diaper during tonight′s debate? Can the DNC truly ′depend′ on her? Can she last the whole two hours without a bladder problem? Is this why Bernie Sanders is closing the gap in the latest polls from Iowa and New Hampshire? Does Hillary have that certain smell about her? GROSS!!! YUK!!! Sorry, I know its a Sunday, but hey, its Hillary Clinton I′m talking about! No rock is too small nor too slimy for her to hide under.