Donald Trump was right! He tweeted today, ″I told you so″. The Hill reported on Friday that a Texas attorney, Newton Schwartz, has filed a lawsuit questioning the eligibility of Ted Cruz to be President of the United States. The Ted Cruz ′birther′ suit challenges whether or not Cruz is a ″natural born citizen″. Despite having a mother who was a US citizen, Ted Cruz was born in Canada. The lawsuit demands that the US Supreme Court rule on whether or not Cruz meets the standards set by the Constitution? The subject had come up on Thursday night during the latest Republican presidential debate, watched by some 11 million people live on the Fox Business Network. Some ′Establishment′ pundits say that Cruz won that round against Trump during the GOP debate. But if you go by crowd reaction, and an audience that was initially hostile towards Trump, The Donald did wind up getting more applause than Cruz did at the end. So I have to give Trump the win on that one!

Ted Cruz got himself in even more trouble this week over comments about Trump having ″New York values″. Cruz tried to explain his way out of it during the debate saying that he was referring to how New York is dominated by Liberals. While Trump easily destroyed Cruz playing the 9/11 card, some pundits, namely Liberal ones, are saying that Cruz went way overboard and crossed the line of racism. That ″New York values″ is hate-code for J-E-W-S. Now, I won′t say that Cruz intended to refer to Jews in his statement, but I will agree that it could be reasonably interpreted that way by some.

I will predict that Ted Cruz has now peaked and has had his day in the Sun. His slow, steady rise in the polls since announcing is in many ways similar to that of Donald Trump′s. Cruz was initially viewed as an ′outsider′, a ′non-Establishment′ candidate. A rebel with a cause. Throughout most of the summer of 2015, he remained in the lower tier of candidates in the single digits. But as Trump rose, Cruz did as well. Some would use the NASCAR analogy of Cruz ′drafting′ on the back of Trump′s bumper. In Iowa, for example, the Cruz rise to the top was largely at the recent collapse of the Ben Carson campaign.

Make no mistake, Ted Cruz IS an Establishment candidate! He attended Princeton and Harvard, he worked for George W. Bush, his wife works for Goldman Sachs, and much of the money Cruz has raised has come from Big Oil. You don′t get much more Establishment than that! Cruz might not be a dues-paying member of The Illuminati, but he qualifies to be part of their junior league. Just as Marco Rubio did, Cruz rode the Tea Party wave. Unlike Rubio, Cruz has generally maintained some of the Tea Party principles, but not all. He might be an upstart at times, but Cruz has supported immigration and trade deals in the past, following Establishment marching orders. Only recently has he flip-flopped on many key issues while running for the White House.

I have no doubt that the US Supreme Court will rule in favor of Ted Cruz as being a ″natural born citizen″, and therefore eligible to run for president. But Donald J Trump has been proven correct once again. A lawsuit questioning is Ted Cruz is eligible has been filed in the State of Texas. The law is not specifically clear enough and needs to be adjudicated by the high court. Just trying to cite English Common Law does not fly, either, as it is historically based more so on the nationality of the father, not the mother. Common Law always favored the males back in the day. Even in the case of the death of a husband, the estate went to the eldest son, not to the wife. By the way, there was also a lawsuit filed in Florida questioning Marco Rubio′s eligibility, too! While he was born the the United States, neither of his parents had become ′naturalized′ citizens at the time. So Donald Trump may wind up being the only eligible contender among those candidates whom have more than single digit poll numbers.