During last night′s Republican debate aired on the Fox Business Network, front runner Donald Trump blew away Ted Cruz, not once, but twice! The stage was set for an attempted stumping during the Fox – GOP debate for Cruz to challenge Trump over the issue of his citizenship status. Ted probably didn′t want to go there, since he knows all too well that you can′t ′Stump the Trump′! But the FBN moderators prodded the attempted stumping, and, naturally, it backfired! Even after a chorus of Boos, Trump turned the tables, saying, ″They′re booing because he′s [Ted Cruz] the nominee.″ This won Trump respect and a round of laughter from what had been a hostile crowd. Later, the FBN moderators provoked another fight, this time on Cruz′ comments in Iowa about Trump having ″New York values″. Trump skillfully played the ′9/11′ card, destroying Cruz once and for all, plus winning the audience. Even Mia Farrow tweeted a favorable tweet on Twitter, with the hashtag #NYvalues over the classic photo of NYFD firemen raising the flag at Ground Zero.

Donald J Trump easily won last night′s debate and did so without even raising his voice once. He was even nice to John Kasich for a change! I guess Kasich has learned his lesson. But not Jeb Bush! How sad Jeb looked as he is still trying to man up. Too late for you, Jeb! Take your guaca bowles home and be gone with you! If Jeb has his way, the country will be overrun by illegal immigrants and ISIS terrorists. He′ll give them all amnesty as he understands that what they do is just an ′act of love′. What an idiot! Jeb just looked so lame last night. Really pathetic! Ugh!

Another character who failed last night was Marco Rubio, whom came under attack by Chris Christie. The rumor was going into last night was that Christie and Jeb had ′mutual aggression pact′ to work together against Rubio. But since Jeb is too wasted after being stumped by Trump, Chris Christie had to put sword to Rubio. It was almost entertaining but fell short. Ben Carson pretty much snoozed his way through the debate. They hardly asked him any questions. Kasich was also quiet and subdued for the most part. Maybe he has finally emerged enough from the 1990s to see the handwriting on the wall?

As for the ′Undercard Debate′ between Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum and Carly Fiorina, it was dull and pointless, again! Rand Paul probably had more fun on ″The Daily Show″. All in all, last night′s GOP debate was better than the previous one on CNN. The high point of the evening was Nikki Haley caving in and making nice with Donald Trump. Naturally, Trump accepted this turn and is her friend once again. Which just goes to show that Trump is strong and wise enough to be merciful to those he stomps on.