When 2016 GOP presidential candidate Donald J Trump appeared in Pensacola, Florida, he had an opening act that can′t be beat! Yes! The Donald Trump rally was entertained by the USA Freedom Kids with a song for the Trump. The three girl group led off with a version of ″Over There″ which was as cute as it was patriotic. The lyrics are awesome! ″President Donald Trump knows how to Make America Great! Deal from strength or get crushed every time!″ I love it!

Donald Trump USA Freedom Kids

Ah, what a message! Far better than those we got during the Obama campaign in 2008 when children were forced to sing stupid songs about Barack Hussein Obama. Remember those? Some of them looked either like an Iranian hostage video, or a recruiting video for ISIS. What BS! Well, look at what we have now. A nation divided, in tatters, weak and humiliated.

But not so once President Donald Trump takes his seat in the Oval Office. The White House will once again be the center of the Free World! A command post for Liberty! Freedom will once again become more than just a slogan. It will be a cause, an aspiration, a bright flame of light piercing the darkness of an evil, dangerous world.

If you have not seen the Donald Trump USA Freedom Kids video, just click on the link provided. The girls also sang the National Anthem, and I must say it was one of the best I′ve ever heard. Far better than the gal who sang the anthem at the GOP debate last night. The USA Freedom Kids really know how to belt it out with pride and feeling. I′m looking forward to seeing them perform at more Trump campaign rallies in the future. Maybe they will be part of Trump’s inauguration, too? That would be awesome!