Will anyone try to stump Donald J Trump tonight during the GOP debate? Many may not learn the answer as this first Republican debate of 2016 will be on the Fox Business Network, which few homes have. But don′t worry, there will be live video streaming on the FBN website. Trump leads with HUGE margins in 49 states. Only in Iowa does he have any competition, essentially tied with Ted Cruz. While many Cuck-pundits wax poetically about how Cruz has a ′ground game′ in Iowa, Team Trump has one of the most sophisticated voter data bases detailing each of the state′s 1,900-plus caucus precincts. They know exactly how many people to get to each in order to win.

Obey Donald Trump

We′ll find out soon enough if Donald Trump will sweep the board, run the table, and win everywhere. I suspect that he will finish winning 49 states during the GOP primaries and then win 40 to 46 states in the general election. Especially if he is running against Hillary Clinton! If Trump runs against Bernie Sanders, then the Donald may only win 38 to 42 states. Hawaii, California, Oregon and Washington State will go Democrat as usual. With Bernie they will probably win Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts, too! Possibly Connecticut, Rhode Island and Minnesota, as well.

Hillary Clinton is facing more trouble as the FBI is taking a closer look at one of those 1,340 emails from her private server that had classified, top secret material on it. According to Fox News′ national security reporter, Catherine Herridge, the FBI probe is looking into a possible connection between Hillary′s role at the State Department and some donations to her family′s charity org, often called the Clinton Foundation. Even if there is nothing concrete about a bribe on behalf of North Korea being funneled as a donation, Hillary′s trust factor is permanently damaged. Even among Democrat voters, nearly 30% do not trust her. This explains why around 20% of Trump′s supporters are Democrats.

Now, if only 20% of Republican officials would support Trump! After this latest brouhaha about South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, it still looks like many RNC Insiders are still hoping Trump goes away. Haley cautioned voters not to listen to ″angry voices″. Donald Trump responded to Nikki Haley in his usual Trump-fashion, he turned criticism into a sales point! His reply to Haley is that he IS angry! Who wouldn′t be angry with the country being dragged deeper into debt, overrun by illegal immigrants, terrorists and still mired in a weak economy. Why isn′t Nikki Haley angry as well is the question that needs asking! I guess she must like watching US Navy personnel kneeling before Iranians and apologizing to them just like Barack Hussein Obama.

So who might dare try to stump the Trump tonight? Jeb Bush? That lame, guac-bowl merchant is already wasted like the ash in my bong. Just a burnt-out, stinky mess! Marco Rubio? Maybe if he polishes his cute little manlet boots. Rand Paul? Oops! He′s so far out of the race he′s skipping the debate. Ben Carson? Maybe if he wakes up, has some coffee or something. Ted Cruz? Only if he has his mommy′s birth certificate handy and proof he paid back his loan to his wife′s employer, Goldman Sachs. John Kasich? Maybe if he manages to find a way out of the 1990s. Chris Christie? Perhaps after he gets a hug from his bromance, Barack Obama. Mike Huckabee, Carly Fiorina and Rick Santorum? Maybe if they start a folk band and sing a chorus of ″If I Had A Hammer″.

Nope, sorry! These guys are all lightweights compared to Donald J Trump. As well said in the intro to the ″Volume 4, You Can′t Stump The Trump″ You-Tube video, Trump is like a centipede, and a venomous one at that! Impressive, nimble, deadly! ″This centipede is a predator!″ Not even a Jeb Bush guaca bowle for $75 can crush Trump. Especially since Jeb is so embarrassed he doesn′t even have his campaign logo on the overpriced guac bowl. ″Go back to Univision!″ Maybe there Jeb will get some attention.

This is the most remarkable presidential campaign in my life time. Donald Trump has spent hardly any of his own money so far and yet he is kicking everyone′s butt! Just think of the millions of dollars other candidates have spent and where they stand now in the polls. The best they, the ′Establishment′ candidates, can do is to devour each other. I just heard from Rush Limbaugh that Bush and Christie are teaming up against Rubio. But it doesn′t matter. They′ve already lost! Trump is indestructible. He is funding his own campaign, freeing him from all political machines. Trump cannot be bribed, blackmailed or threatened. He won′t back down. When Trump is elected, the whole game in Washington DC is in peril. The corruption will be ripped out by the roots. Trump will Make America Great Again by giving us honest, competent government. Something we have not had in decades, if not for about 200 years.