South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley may have committed political suicide last night in delivering the GOP State of the Union address response. Haley appears to have been critical to Republican presidential candidates Donald J Trump and perhaps even Ted Cruz and Ben Carson. During her SOTU response speech, Haley cautioned on harsh rhetoric, particularly that concerning immigration and refugees. Apparently, Ms. Haley has not heard about the ′rapefugees′ whom are wreaking havoc across Europe. Nor much about the violent crimes we are experiencing here in the United States at the hands of illegal immigrants. Noted columnist, Ann Coulter, tweeted during Haley′s speech that Donald Trump should deport Nikki Haley once he is elected. As we all know, whatever Ann Coulter says, no matter how crazy, usually winds up being the truth within 90 days. Lucky for Ms. Haley, Trump won′t be president for another year and a week. But it does seem a certainty now that she will not be considered as a Vice President, either. That ship sailed last night at her own request.

So why did Nikki Haley feel compelled to take a stab at Donald Trump and the other two major GOP candidates?Was she upset after Lindsey Graham got stumped by Trump? Did her political masters in South Carolina or at the RNC headquarters in Washington order her to do this? Maybe she is secretly a Jeb Bush fan, treasuring his famous guac bowl and guacamole recipe which Jeb is selling for $75? Maybe she has been corrupted by power?

We all had high hopes for Nikki Haley when she first rode the wave of the Tea Party Revolution in 2010. Here we thought we had a good replacement for Sarah Palin. But now, we see that she is only human and is as fallible. Haley appears to like being in a position of power and is willing to compromise principles to hang on to it. Her chastising of grass roots Conservatives and Trump supporters last night was a clear indication that she cannot be trusted. Just as Jeb Bush planned to win the GOP nomination without its base, Haley now thinks she can do likewise as well.

Frankly, I doubt if Donald Trump would pick her as a running mate, anyway. I don′t think he′ll pick any elected official for the VP slot. My guess is that he′ll pick someone with a military background. Alan West, for example, would be an awesome pick! West, to my knowledge, has not said anything bad about Trump yet. Like Donald, West is plain spoken, says what is really on his mind and is a man of action. I believe that Donald Trump would pick someone with nerves of steel as would be needed in the event of an untimely demise. A Trump VP would be somebody with a cool hand to take the wheel and defend the nation first above all other considerations. Alan West, or somebody like him, would be the ideal running mate for Donald Trump. Not Nikki Haley, especially not now! She blew her big chance last night. Go figure! I hope she will be happy when she loses her reelection next time around.