When Larry Upright of North Carolina died, his family requested in his obituary, ″The family respectfully asks that you do not vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016″. The message went viral and many are now tweeting on Twitter using the hashtag, #InLieuOfFlowers. Naturally, quite a few are saying this with the message, ″In Lieu of Flowers, Vote for Donald Trump″. As the Washington Post points out in their article on this matter, many obituaries in the past have had political requests ′in lieu of sending flowers′. Suggestions have ranged from donating money to PBS, the NRA or canceling your subscription to the New York Times and even voting for Barack Obama. According to a member of the Upright family, Larry was a ″staunch Republican″.

I can see why Larry would not want you to vote for Hillary Clinton. She is mighty foul! Good Grief! Bad enough she is a liar and a national security risk. Now she has shown even more poor judgment by allowing actress Lena Dunham to handle her Instagram account. Oh, the shame of it all! What new horrors await America after 8 years of Barack Hussein Obama should Hillary Rodham Clinton becomes our 45th president?

Obviously, not everyone feels this way. Take Cuckservative pundit, George Will, for example. Will recently wrote that all supporters of Donald J Trump are ″invertebrates″. Now THAT is RICH, pardon my pun! The spineless George Will calling Trump supporters invertebrates! Will the Cuck is as spineless as a Denubian Slime Devil, which all good Star Trek fans know is ″soft and shapeless″. Donald Trump may be a ″tin-plated dictator with delusions of god-hood, but he isn′t soft.″ Keep in mind that George Will′s credentials as a ′Con-servative′ goes back to 1980 when he opposed the nomination of Ronald Reagan. Will backed Illuminati favorite, George H. W. Bush instead. Not much better than fellow Cuckservative, Charles Krauthammer, whom backed Jimmy Carter in 1980 and then Walter Mondale in 1984.

″Half the quadrant″ knows that Hillary Clinton is a ″garbage scow″, and the other half, which includes me, thinks she should ″be hauled away AS GARBAGE!″ But that is the basic ″Trouble With Tribbles″. If you feed a tribble too much, you don′t get a fat tribble. Instead, you get a whole bunch of little, hungry tribbles. That is the elemental truth of Liberalism and the Progressive Movement. To create as many hungry mouths as possible. Half of their anatomy is geared for reproduction. ″They are literally born pregnant″.

A vote for Hillary Clinton is the same as an act of suicide, even murder. Her election would only add to the destruction of the United States and lead to more death and misery. As one of my favorite authors, Robert Heinlein put it in his wonderful novel, ″Starship Troopers″, ″The power to vote is the power to use force.″ Voting is not something to be done lightly and casting a ballot for Hillary is downright shameful, even criminal! On the other hand, a vote for Donald J Trump is an act of love! So I will go one better than the deceased Larry Upright. In lieu of sending flowers or candy on this coming Valentine′s Day, send your love a greeting card, promising him or her that you will show your love by voting for Donald Trump. That you care so much for him or her that you want to Make America Great Again. How about that for a romantic sentiment?