Edward Archer, 30, confessed to Philadelphia police after shooting Officer Jesse Hartnett when taken into custody Thursday night. Archer claims he was acting ″in the name of Islam″ when he fired 13 shots from a 9mm Glock pistol at Hartnett. In addition, Archer says that he had pledged allegiance to ISIS, also known as the Islamic State, ISIL and Daesh. Video shows Archer approaching Hartnett who was driving his police cruiser alone that evening. Amazingly, Hartnett not only survived the ambush with three wounds in his left arm, but actually pursued Archer on foot, wounding him. We now have reports that Archer took two trips to the Middle East, one to Saudi Arabia in 2011 and another to Egypt in 2012. The gun he used in the ambush was stolen from a police officer in 2013. Archer has a criminal record, including a conviction on a previous gun-related charge.

So what more needs to be said? Archer admitted that he shot Hartnett, and that he did so because Hartnett represents infidel police who defend laws which do not jive with Sharia Law. He was even wearing a traditional outfit one would see Muslim men wearing in Middle East mosque. But, the idiot mayor of Philadelphia thinks that the crime had nothing to do with Islam! What more does he need to be convinced? Maybe if Archer captured and raped the mayor′s wife and daughter, then sold them to ISIS fighters in Syria as sex slaves, the dumbo might get it then?

Greg Gutfeld of the Fox News Channel calls it ″Islamo-phobia-phobia″. A form of Liberal mental disease where in you act and react irrationally because you are afraid of being labeled as a bigot. But bigotry has nothing to do with this event! The assailant has confessed and we even have video of his crime. We all know that Liberals are crazy, insane and extremely foolish. This idiot mayor goes well beyond the pale, however. The folks in Philadelphia would be wise to hold a recall election. If this is how he is going to react when the facts are as clear as glass and as solid as steel, how can the citizens expect him to function on other matters? Perhaps he might decide to halt pest control as it kills animals like rats and termites, whom, naturally have the same right to live as humans do. Don′t they? If you are a Liberal, then you probably believe they do!

I won′t even bother mentioning how the only sound coming from the Barack Hussein Obama White House is that of crickets on this topic. We can already assume that Team Obama is afraid of any connection between this crime and Islam. They might even roll out John McCain from his silly birther attacks on Ted Cruz to remind people that Islam is a religion of peace. I′m sure that Johnny-Boy would be happy to comply as he is still vying for the title of King of the Cucks. He has much competition for that with George Will and Jeb Bush nipping at his heels.

Are you surprised by the reaction by the mayor of Philadelphia over this crime? Or will you give Edward Archer the benefit of the doubt that he is sincere in confessing that he shot Police Officer Jesse Hartnett ″in the name of Islam″? That Archer pledged allegiance to the Islamic State, or ISIS, ISIL or Daesh? How does this crime fly in the face of the recent Barack Hussein Obama executive actions on gun control? Archer did not buy his Glock 17 at a gun show. It was stolen from a cop years ago. It seems pretty obvious to me that Archer was motivated by Islam.