Barack Obama teamed up with CNN last night to pitch and defend his recent executive actions on gun control. The National Rifle Association, NRA, refused the invitation to the televised town hall as the White House and CNN would restrict them to asking just one, pre-submitted question. Instead, the NRA issued a statement pointing out the flaws in Obama′s plans. Taya Kyle, wife of ″American Sniper″ Chris Kyle, did attend and challenged Obama directly. She raised several issues, including that only 0.7% of guns used by criminals were purchased at gun shows and that, according to the Department of Justice, nearly all of those sales would have gone through even with a background check. She also raised the statistical facts that gun violence has actually declined since more communities allow its citizens to carry firearms.

Obama still clings to his own fantasy that any opposition to more gun control laws is based on conspiracy theories offered by the NRA. That members of groups like the NRA think that ″somebody′s going to come grab your guns.″ Apparently, Obama must not have seen the news that a new law in California allows the government to do just that! But then to Obama, the First and Second Amendments are mere ink stains on a Constitution that is all about preserving White Privilege. If Obama was truly concerned about gun violence, he might start by asking his old buddy, Rahm Emmanuel, to step down as Mayor of Chicago. Not only has Chicago seen a sharp increase in gun violence since Rahm took over, but now his administration appears to be covering up evidence of high-profile shootings.

The phony tears Obama shed during his White House event on Tuesday was simply shameless! The Sociopath-in-Chief referred to himself some 76 times during his speech on enacting more executive actions against legal gun ownership. I am surprised that his teleprompter did not burst into flames with all of the outright lies he told. No surprise that CNN and Anderson Cooper would go along with giving Obama yet another platform to belch his nonsense. Obama′s body language during Taya Kyle′s question said it all. He put his finger to his lips as if to tell Taya to be silent as a good infidel woman should be in Obama′s evil eyes.

Did you waste any of your time watching the Barack Obama, CNN gun control townhall? If you did not, you didn′t miss anything. Just more of the usual lies from Obama. I was happy that Taya Kyle, wife of ″American Sniper″ Chris Kyle, had an opportunity to speak. It would have been nice for the National Rifle Association to participate, but I understand and agree with the NRA decision not to attend due to the restrictions imposed upon them. Such proves that neither the Obama White House, nor CNN, have any regard for the First or Second Amendments.