Three Syrian men have been arrested for raping two teenage German girls this weekend. The girls, 14 and 15 years of age, were just two among some 60 women raped by gangs of Muslim men throughout Germany during the New Years celebrations. Organized ′flash mobs′ of Muslim men, ages 14 to 35, assaulted dozens of German women in cities like Cologne, Hamburg and Dusseldorf. This is just the latest in a growing wave of sexual crimes being committed by Muslim immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa. Sweden, Finland, Denmark and the UK have all seen dramatic increases in such crimes. In Sweden, they are not stopping with just raping women, but have murdered some three dozen of their victims.

The attacks this weekend were initially covered up by government officials. Even now some of these events are being played down. In Zurich, Switzerland, for example, there is a report that a flash mob of 1,000 Muslim men attacked at least six women. Police say that the incidents are under investigation, but few details have emerged. Likewise, in Cologne, a 1,000 men were reported to have attacked some 120 women, with many robbed and threatened. For several days, police and city officials suppressed the attacks, preventing the Media from reporting the attacks to the public. But with so many women attacked, the story eventually has gotten out.

In total, German police have arrested some 32 men thus far with 18 of them confirmed to be immigrants. One actually told the arresting police officers that ″I am Syrian, you need to treat me nicely. I was personally invited by Mrs. Merkel.″ At least 90 women have reported some 106 separate criminal acts upon them. The Mayor of Cologne, the Liberal woman Henriette Reker, played the old ″its the victim′s fault″ card. Reker is a big supporter of welcoming Syrian refugees and advised German women to ″keeping a certain distance of more than an arm′s length″ in response to the threat of being raped.

During the NYE celebrations in Kalmar, Sweden, at least 15 women have come forward to report being attacked. According to Johan Brunn, a police spokesman, groups of men surrounded women and groped them. In Helsinki, Finland, police were aware that there was an organized effort by ″asylum seekers″ to gather into mobs to attack women. At the city′s Senate Square, where some 20,000 were gathered to ring in the New Year, some 15 men were arrested after assaulting and groping women. A police official claimed that they were ″tipped off″ by workers at the city′s ′asylum reception centers′. Deputy Police Chief Ilkka Koskimaki said ″This phenomenon is new in Finnish sexual crime history. We have never before had this kind of sexual harassment happening at New Year′s Eve.″

Could this have been directed by ISIS? We know that the Islamic State did make threats against Europe over the holiday season. In Munich, Germany, for example, the subway system was shutdown and officials warned citizens not to gather in crowds. Was this because they knew ISIS was planning to carry out a mass-rape attack? Is this a new tactic in their war against Western Civilization? If it is, then things just got a whole lot scarier! What next might we expect from the Islamic extremists? How will Angela Merkel and other European leaders continue to promote allowing asylum to Syrian refugees? Or in their dealing with Muslim immigrants in general? Is Donald Trump right, that it is time to suspend all Muslim immigration until we figure out what is going on? Will European women demand the right to carry firearms for self-defense? Where is the great defender of women, Hillary Clinton? Too busy warning of climate change after seeing snow in the Sierras during January?