I was planning to write today about the latest Marco Rubio ′scandal′ of how he wears high-heeled boots to look taller and more manly. But it looks like the bigger ′political′ story of the day is centered on Ted Cruz and his nationality. Cruz was born in Canada and as his mother was an American, he enjoyed dual-citizenship until 18 months ago. This is when Ted officially ended his Canadian privileges. So now the subject of whether Ted Cruz qualifies to run for president has arisen. Is he a ′natural born′ US citizen? According to the law, it would appear that he is. But John McCain is questioning this. Rand Paul, too, has jumped in the controversy and claims that Cruz is qualified to run for Prime Minister in Canada.

This whole thing started when the Washington Post baited Donald Trump on the subject a few days ago. The WashPo raised the issue of Trump′s embrace of the Obama ′birther′ issue several years ago, which forced the White House to release some type of official-looking document which claims Obama was born in Hawaii. When asked about the matter of Ted Cruz being born in Canada, Trump responded with, ″People are bring it up.″ The Donald went on to say that the subject could be ″very precarious″ as Democrats may try to fight Cruz in the courts if he happens to be the GOP nominee. A fight which could take two or three years to resolve.

Ever since that, the entire Media Machine, including Fox News, has been playing this up as some part of the Trump strategy to derail Cruz before the Iowa Caucus. Of course, we know the truth! That the Media has been trying to stir up a fight between Trump and Cruz for weeks now. Ted has been publicly polite to Donald knowing full well what has happened to other Republican candidates who tried to ′Stump the Trump′. They get stumped instead and eventually are forced to quit.

John McCain is probably upset that his buddy, Lindsey Graham, was forced to quit namely due to his attempt to stump Trump. McCain, himself, tried to stump Trump and got beaten to a pulp. Johnny Boy would probably rather stay at the Hanoi Hilton than spend a night at a Trump-owned property! McCain is also just generally irritated with Ted Cruz, who has often attacked McCain′s many acts of compromise and cooperation with Obama. But I am most amused by Rand Paul getting into the middle of this. Randlet the Manlet is all but ready to drop out of the GOP presidential race and focus on getting reelected to the Senate. He and Cruz do share some positions on Constitutional issues, like privacy and foreign intervention. So is Rand Paul motivated mostly by jealousy? Poor Manlet!

So is Ted Cruz a natural born US citizen? Is he eligible to run for president? Or do you agree with John McCain that Cruz′s citizenship is an issue that needs investigating? Funny how McCain so easily dismissed any questions on Barack Obama, whose origins are still clouded in mystery. Obama′s school records have still never been released! Then there is still the matter of how Obama used an Indonesian passport when he traveled to Pakistan while on break from college? That′s in Obama′s own book, ″Dreams From My Father″! Where was the Washington Post on that?