The first political polls of 2016 are out and Donald Trump still has a commanding lead in the GOP race for the White House. In fact, the latest Reuters ′rolling-average′ poll has him gaining ground with 42%. The NBC-Survey Monkey poll not only shows Trump way out in the lead with double that of his closest rivals, he also leads in every demographic. Meanwhile, many in the Republican Party are trying to promote Chris Christie as the new savior who will topple Trump. REALLY??? Have they completely lost their minds? George Will seems to be the pro-Christie cheerleader and his reasoning is just so flawed it baffles the mind. How did they sour this bad, this quickly? Can even Nate Silver help them now?

Probably not, as Nate Silver has been forced to overhaul his formula for success as all of the data points to Donald J. Trump winning the election by a landslide. That is, if you use the same metrics he did in 2008 and 2012. But Nate cannot accept a Trump victory in November, so he′s changing his own rules. Ah, the lengths some people to go to avoid reality. It reminds me of the scene from ″Kentucky Fried Movie″ during the spoof commercial for ″That’s Armageddon″.

Nobody is going to leave for Montana because of Chris Christie. Who would for the guy who ruined Mitt Romney′s election in 2012 by hugging Barack Obama? Christie is never going to live that one down. I could care less about ′Bridge-Gate′! He already has a couple of big strikes against him for supporting both Common Core and more gun laws. GOP primary voters simply are not going to accept Chris Christie as their presidential nominee. Even if he manages to finish third in New Hampshire, which he possibly might be able to do, where does the New Jersey governor go from there? South Carolina? Yeah, Right!

While George Will refuses to accept reality, James Carville appears to be on the verge of enlightenment. He was apparently driving past the venue for Trump′s campaign rally in Biloxi, Mississippi on Saturday, where some 15,000-plus Trump supporters lined up to see The Donald. Carville recognized that if folks were willing to wait in line for hours on January 2nd, they probably will line up at the polls in March and take three minutes to vote for Trump. Two days later in Lowell, Massachusetts, thousands lined up ten hours early in freezing weather to see Trump. This is not happening simply because people want to see a ′Reality TV star′. Nope! They LOVE Trump and his message to Make America Great Again!

Hillary Rodham Clinton doesn′t even have a message beyond voting for her because she′s a woman and its her turn. This election cycle was supposed to be Jeb Bush′s turn and look where he is. Somewhere between obscurity and outright shame! Jeb has spent $60 million dollars of other people′s money and has nothing to show for it. Hillary has spent the same and Bernie Sanders is still drawing bigger crowds than she is.

The new polls of the new year all show Donald J Trump still in the lead of the 2016 GOP presidential race. Not only is Trump whipping the rest of the pack in general but he is also leading in every demographic and on every issue. And yet the Establishment pundits are still pitching that Trump will implode at some point and his campaign will collapse. In the NBC-Survey Monkey poll, that does not appear to be a problem as over 80% of Trump′s supporters are committed to him. On that score he leaves the rest in a cloud of uncertain dust. Even if the field is narrowed down to just one Cuckservative candidate, Trump will still be far in the lead. Iowa may be a wild card but in just about every other state after it, Trump will most likely win and by large margins. His campaign is now shifting gears recruiting Democrats to join the fun, and make no mistake, Trump is pulling many in. He also has an ever growing support among African-American voters, and may wind up earning more than any other Republican presidential candidate since Teddy Roosevelt. Not good news for Hilldog!