Did the North Koreans test a hydrogen bomb? They claim they did and reports of a 5.1 magnitude earthquake centered near their testing area seems to indicate such. But the final analysis is not in yet. There are distinct differences between the type of a seismic event caused by a fission, or A-Bomb, and that of a thermonuclear device, or H-Bomb. North Korea says that it was but others, including the United States, are not so sure. The Pyongyang regime performed its first nuclear test in 2006, followed by another just about three years ago. According to some experts, the test of the ″H-Bomb of Justice″ only yielded about 6 kilotons of explosive force, barely the amount expected from a small fission device.

Whatever the case, the action by North Korea is just the latest in a series which have strained relations between the two Koreas and their respective allies. Things weren′t going very well for the Communist nation before Kim Jong Un took over and matters have gotten only worse. In between his population starving and lobbing artillery shells at South Korea, North Korea has continued to build up its military. Including its nuclear forces. They have been conducting missile tests and appear to be very close to launching their first ballistic missile submarine. This activity has even prompted both South Korea and Japan to consider developing nuclear weapons of their own.

Then we have North Korea joining China and Russia in the ongoing cyber-war. Computer hackers from these nations have been very busy probing our networks and breaking into our systems. While some dismiss the allegations, many believe that North Korea may have been behind the hacking of Sony Pictures, claiming it was caused by the release of a comedy movie, ″The Interview″. Aside from the fear that the North Koreans could launch a nuke at us and cause an EMP, Electro-Magnetic Pulse, to knock out our electrical grid, a cyber attack on our utility systems is also a huge concern. Some say that a recent power outage in Ukraine was caused by Russian hackers.

So did North Korea test an H-Bomb? Or was it just another A-Bomb? Good thing it wasn′t a Q-Bomb, as seen in the movie ″The Mouse That Roared″. Then we would be in real trouble! Does it really matter what it was as we can still blame the feckless foreign policies of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton?