All heck broke last Saturday in Saudi Arabia when the government held a mass execution of 47 people, including the Shiite cleric, Nimr al-Nimr. All of the 47 men were condemned to death by the Saudi courts after convicted of terrorism. In Tehran, Iran, protestors assaulted the Saudi embassy and since then, Saudi Arabia and Iran have severed all diplomatic ties. Kuwait, Bahrain and Sudan have now also severed ties with Iran. So far, Barack Obama seems to be leaning more towards Iran in this episode. I′m sure that his closest adviser, the Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett, has something to do with that!

Obama will do anything to play nice with Iran and preserve his ′legacy′ of the Iranian nuclear deal. Even though Iran has already violated its terms after two test launches of ballistic missiles. Not to forget the most recent missile test involving an Iranian anti-ship missile which buzzed our aircraft carrier, the USS Harry Truman, just last week. The darn thing missed us by only a mile or so! The Obama administration has hardly said ′boo′ about it. Makes one wonder just whose side is Obama really on? Iran or America?

Which brings us to why the Saudis are now putting their sandals down on Iran and its growing aggression. Just to the south, the Saudis are dealing with Iran-backed rebels in Yemen. Shortly after Obama declared Yemen a ′success story′, the Yemen government fell and the rebels took control. This prompted the Saudis to take direct, military action. There is no doubt that a showdown was inevitable between the Saudis and the Iranians. After seeing how Obama is bending over backwards for Iran, the Saudis and other Arab nations are not trusting us as they have in the past. They can see how Obama is even selling out Israel in favor of Iran!

If you are planning a vacation or business trip to the Arabian Peninsula soon, I′d reconsider and make other plans. Saudi Arabia and Iran are on a collision course which could mean a shooting war in the near future. We can certainly expect to see Iran fund more terrorist activity against the Saudis. Meanwhile, Barack Obama looks like he will sell out King Salman to appease Tehran. If the GOP Congress has any cajones left, they might want to think about going around Obama. I′m sure Marco Rubio would be all too happy to visit with the King. Let′s hope he does so soon, before the New Hampshire primary, and get a promise from the Kingdom to ease off on their assault upon the US oil industry. That would be worth 10 town halls!