The first Donald Trump TV ad is ready for the airways! The ad focuses on the war against radical Islamic extremists and on the flood of illegal immigrants pouring across our southern border with Mexico. With the Iowa Caucus now just one month away, Donald J. Trump is vowing to spend at least $2 Million per week running ads on TV. So far, his campaign has spent nothing on TV ads. Despite this, Trump is the GOP frontrunner with about 40% in nearly every national poll. Jeb Bush, on the other hand, has spent some $60 Million dollars already and has only 3% in the polls to show for the expense. Not a very good return, is it? But, as Baron von Richthofen once said, ″Its not about the crate but the man flying it.″

I saw the Trump TV ad this morning and I have to say it was okay. It was a solid ad that should not cause any problems. The Trump ad did not attack any other GOP candidate. It didn′t even attack Barack Obama nor Hillary Clinton by name. It was simple, basic, and to the point. Terrorism and illegal immigration are two major problems facing America and Trump vows to solve these problems. He even says how he′s going to do it. For ISIS, Trump says he will ″cut off the head of ISIS and take their oil″. On stopping illegal immigration, ″Build a wall and make Mexico pay for it.″

Frankly, I was hoping for some TV ads that break the boundaries of conventional campaigning. Much like the You-Tube videos from Can′t Stump The Trump. Those make ′liberal′ use of memes and music to portray Trump as not only the toughest guy on the political stage, but also the hippest! They are outrageously funny with those who try to stump the Trump getting whacked by the +420 ′Intervention′ meme of a high-powered, bolt-action rifle. My favorite is when Megyn Kelly gets stumped, and after the +420 meme, we hear the word, ″Caterpillar″. The videos usually begin with a comparison of Trump to a deadly, venomous caterpillar. This is often followed by the classic Eddy Wally meme of him saying ″WOW!″ before a Trump rally.

I suppose that such ads probably would not work well in venues like Iowa or New Hampshire. But in places like California or New York, digitally dressing Trump up with shades, a Trilby hat and a doobie hanging from his lips , then hearing the Snoop Dog audio meme of ″Smoke Weed Everyday″ would work well. Young voters would get the message and cast their ballots for Kool Trump rather than for Hillary and her granny-panties. Trump would be cutting edge to employ such art in his ads. He could pull it off! None of the other candidates, even those who are much younger than him, could. Even Bernie Sanders is too stiff and old hat for today′s generation. At the very least, the Trump campaign should utilize Diamond and Silk for urban markets.

So have you seen the first Donald Trump TV ad yet? Does it make you want to go out and vote for him? Or do you agree with me, that Trump needs to push the envelop? Be more creative? That Trump should turn to his supporters on You-Tube like Diamond and Silk or Can′t Stump The Trump for creating his ads? This is the era of fan-flicks being as good, if not better than the work done by the so-called professionals. Just look at the quality of the crew making the ″Star Trek: Axanar″ movie which made headlines about a lawsuit from CBS and Paramount to stop them. From what I′ve seen, they should just bankroll these guys because it looks awesome! Better than what J.J. Abrams did for Star Trek!