Bill Clinton may find helping his wife run for president a bit harder than promised. On Sunday during a town hall event in Derry, New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton had a heckler in the crowd who tried to question her about the old rape allegations involving Bill and Juanita Broaddrick. The heckler, one Katherine Prudhumme O′Brien, is a Republican Representative for the Granite State legislature. She also has something of a reputation for heckling presidential candidates, such Rudy Giuliani back in 2007. Hillary Rodham Clinton responded to Ms. O′Brien with a ″You are very rude″ and dismissed the question. But the question does raise the issue of Bill Clinton′s behavior towards women, as well as Hillary′s enabling him. Some may ask that if it were not for Hillary Clinton allowing Bill to act the way he does, then he might not be a sexual predator.

Of course, the Liberal Media is merely focusing on O′Brien, trying to make her out to look like some crazy lunatic. But this is not the first time the matter of Bill′s extramarital affairs have surfaced in the 2016 campaign cycle. Nor will it be the last! Hillary Rodham Clinton already had one thumping by GOP frontrunner Donald J. Trump after she accused Trump of sexism. The Donald fired back immediately playing the Bill-card. Hillary and her campaign quickly zipped their lips as she was stumped by Trump. Anybody that knows the history of Donald Trump, and how he built his business empire, knows perfectly well that Trump has an excellent track record when it comes to promoting women to top executive slots in his organization. In the early days, three out of four of Trump′s top managers were women.

So when it comes to women′s issues, including equal pay, Trump is ′golden′. Even back when Donald was heckled by a Jeb Bush operative who demanded equal pay, Trump′s response to her was that if she did the work of a man she′d be paid like a man. Trump′s company is living proof that he is less concerned about gender and more concerned with results. If you make him money, he pays you well.

Meanwhile, we know from financial statements filed that the Clinton Foundation charity group, run by Bill Clinton, does not follow the same principle. Women earn less than men do, even when doing the same job. The same was true of Hillary when she ran the State Department, as well as back during her days running a staff as a US Senator. Hillary may talk about equal pay but has never practiced it. Nor has her husband and the women who work for Bill Clinton must still deal with the potential of sexual harassment from him.

Who the Hillary Clinton heckler in New Hampshire was does not matter, but what she said does. Bill Clinton has a long history of questionable behavior, most of which is unacceptable by any standards. The old rape allegation by Juanita Broaddrick against Bill Clinton is not the only one. There is a long list of women who claim that he acted inappropriately towards them. Several others included that he used physical force to have his way. Yet, Hillary Clinton not only defended her husband against these allegations, but also attacked the women who made them. Thus proving that Hillary Rodham Clinton is no friend to women nor women′s issues.