Has the National Review reached the fourth stage of Donald Trump? Depression? Is there a parallel between the famous Kubler-Ross ′Five Stages of Death/Grieving′ that correlates with the Trump experience? In the last month or so, we have seen the likes of guys like Charles Krauthammer, a once Trump ′hater′, begin to reluctantly come to terms with Donald Trump not only being the 2016 Republican presidential nominee, but even getting elected. The psychological impact of the Trumpenkrieg has shaken the American political landscape. Not just with ′Establishment′ pundits, but even beyond that with the very foundations of our political system. Namely those of ′K-Street′ lobbyists, think-tanks and other promoters of the Status Quo. There is great panic inside The Beltway as Donald Trump continues to rise in the polls. Washington and America may never be the same again.

The Five Stages outlined by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, noted Swiss psychologist, are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. So let us start at the beginning with the Denial Phase. When rumors began about Trump running for president, many pundits thought it was a joke. With good reason, too. Donald Trump has talked about running for president before. In the late 1990s, Trump flirted with the old Reform Party which had been started by another billionaire, Ross Perot. Even after Trump finally did announce his candidacy, the pundits lined up for a mass denial, believing that Trump was just doing this as part of some publicity stunt. The early polling numbers reflected this attitude.

But Trump′s stand on illegal immigration quickly changed everything. His poll numbers began to climb out of the single digits. We quickly moved into the ′Anger′ phase as pundits began a chorus of complaints that Donald Trump would destroy the Republican Party. That the GOP would have no chance of winning a general election because Trump was seen as attacking the Latino/Hispanic voting block. But Trump, being his own man and self-funding his campaign, threw political convention, correctness and pandering out the window. Instead of backing down or modifying his stance, Trump doubled down, warning that he will deport 11 million illegals. Just throw them out of the country!

Then the Establishment really got angry when Trump continued to ascend in the polls. After a series of comments and remarks which would have torpedoed any other candidate, Donald Trump continued to gain ground! The Trumpenkrieg was becoming an unstoppable force, blitzing its way across the countryside. It was like the breakout at Sedan, France in May of 1940. Trump was not only gaining ground but he also started outflanking his opponents. Early GOP contenders like Scott Walker and Jeb Bush began to see their poll numbers shrink. By the time the first Republican presidential debates started, candidates like Rick Perry and Scott Walker had already thrown in the towel.

Next came the ′Bargaining Phase′. The Establishment pundits circled their wagons and declared that Jeb Bush has enough money to survive and wait out the Trumpenkrieg. That other candidates could promise voters to build a wall or do immigration reform and still be appealing to Trumpers. But those who support Donald Trump knew better! They′ve heard the promises of Cuckservatives before and they weren′t buying any of it. If Jeb Bush couldn′t stand up to The Trump then perhaps Marco Rubio could? There′s always Chris Christie since he talks tough like Trump, doesn′t he? So, we have seen during this phase that the Establishment thinks they can still negotiate with the Trump voter by offering someone who might be ′Trump-Light′.

But now, we are clearly in the ′Depression Phase′ of the Trumpenkrieg. Even the National Review is starting to come around and acknowledge that Donald Trump may be a better option than Ted Cruz. Or even Hillary Clinton? There are still holdouts who claim they will vote for Hillary if Trump is the GOP nominee, but more and more Republicans and Conservatives are reaching the point where they fear that Trump will be the nominee. They still have yet to reach the ′Acceptance Phase′, where they will voice support, or at least refrain from further hate attacks. They still see Donald Trump as a bad choice, but are coming to terms that he′s not going away any time soon.

Meanwhile, in real-life America, the Trumpenkrieg is reaching a saturation point. Or dare I say, ′Critical Mass′? Donald Trump has become an unstoppable force. He is not only becoming more and more accepted by the voting public, Trump may have already broken through the Reagan Barrier! That′s right! Donald Trump has become more Reagan than Ronald Reagan! Ronald Reagan knew how to talk plainly with the American people thanks to his acting career. Donald Trump is more than just an actor, he′s a Showman! He′s the whole band, stage and production, all rolled into one HUGE entity! Barack Obama tries to make himself look hip. Trump IS Hip! He is a Twitter fiend who retweets like a 14-year old and even uses memes. Donald Trump is on the cutting edge of mass communications and he uses it well.

So, where are you in the Five Stages of Donald Trump? Are you still stuck in denial or anger? Or have you evolved to acceptance yet? Perhaps you are still somewhere between bargaining and depression, much as we are seeing inside the National Review and American Spectator. What happens once you achieve acceptance? Is there another stage or phase which goes beyond the Kubler-Ross model? Will you start quoting from Jared Taylor of the American Renaissance or retelling jokes from stand-up comic Sam Hyde? The Trumpenkrieg is not limited to just changing the Republican Party. I actually heard from a life-long Democrat this past week who not only supports Donald Trump because he is not bought and paid for by the Establishment, but is already worrying about what America will do AFTER 8 years of President Trump!!! Here I am still worrying about Trump getting 4 years and this guy is already assuming that Trump will be so successful that he′ll easily get reelected. What next? The ′Alt Right′ becoming alright? We may explore that universe next time!