Barack Obama is expected to announce more gun control laws and restrictions through executive orders and actions this coming week. The White House confirms that Obama will meet with his Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, to go over the proposed restrictions shortly after the weekend. Obama may wait until going public with his plan until the State of the Union Address on January 12. Some of the proposed executive actions may include additional restrictions on obtaining approval during background checks, as well as expanding such checks on gun sales involving collectors and hobbyists. Currently, such sales are exempt by those who buy, sell or trade firearms as part of private collections. Naturally, the National Rifle Association, the NRA, and other pro-gun groups, are keeping a sharp eye on what Obama is planning.

One of the most recent polls, conducted by the Washington Post and ABC News, shows that Americans are more pro-gun than ever before. After the Paris and San Bernardino terrorist attacks, 53% oppose any ban on so-called ′assault weapons′. Some 47% support the people′s right to carry firearms while only 42% want stricter gun control laws. This is a total reversal from polls taken just a year or two ago following the Sandy Hook mass shooting. While Obama and his minions try to make climate change the Number One threat to our country, the people are recognizing that terrorism and Islamic extremism are the real threats.

The 9/11 attacks, as horrific as they were, were viewed as a ′one-time′ action. Al Qaeda took pride in their rise as they focused on doing large-scale attacks. But these took time, often years, to plan and execute. The Islamic State, or ISIS – ISIL – Daesh, went in the other direction. The old Soviet scheme of quantity having a quality of its own. Instead of people being afraid only when they fly in a jetliner, or work in some large office building, the recent terrorist attacks show that we are not safe anywhere. That the only real defense we have is ourselves, not some government agency. Air forces, navies, intelligence networks, etc., offer us little protection when one inspired jihadist comes at us with a gun or a knife. Then it falls on Smith & Wesson or Samuel Colt to come to the rescue.

The new executive orders and actions that Barack Obama may issue on gun control will do little to prevent such acts of terror. We have seen examples of this folly already in France, which has gun laws far more restrictive than we do, and even in California, which has tougher gun laws than most of the United States. Whatever Obama has up his sleeve, people will still be able to arm themselves. Make no mistake about that! Also, no matter what new laws are passed, those whom seek to do harm will still be able to do so. Even in countries with rigid gun control laws, terrorists were still able to carry out attacks using knives and Molotov cocktails in the name of jihad. Obama is playing politics, as he usually does, and is getting desperate as the clock runs out on his term in office. The one thing Obama cannot stand is becoming irrelevant. The truth is, he already has!