Happy New Year 2016! Yes, 2015 is now behind us and we can look forward. As we do every year, RightPundits is proud to start things off with our annual political and celebrity psychic predictions for 2016. A panel of acclaimed psychics have graciously volunteered to offer their prognostications. Just as we had last year, we have two wonderful psychics from PsychicCosmos.com, the charming clairvoyant, Kit Karson, and the astounding astrologer, Lou Raedwulf. They are joined by that mysterious mystic beaming to us from deep inside the inner sanctum of his poly-unsaturated pyramid, Zarnod, Master of the Tarot. You may recall that Zarnod was quite correct last year when he accurately predicted that Kim Kardashian would get pregnant. Only weeks ago, she and Kayne West became the proud parents of a son, Saint West. Let′s see what our psychics have in store for us in 2016…?

Ladies first so let us see what Kit Karson has on her mind? She is focused on Nature this year. Kit is predicting more ″odd″ weather patterns across the United States. She warns of plenty of rain and flooding this coming Spring. Kit is also concerned about earthquakes along the Rim of Fire in the Pacific. From Chile to California and the Cascades, across the seas to Alaska and Japan, Kit is predicting some violent tremors. Magnitude 7 or greater! On the political front, don′t expect Congress to get much done. Washington will remain divided and contentious. On the lighter side, Kit advises us to keep an eye on the world′s favorites Royals, Prince William and his wife, Duchess Kate. Kit cryptically says, ″Things are ′hiding′ in plain sight.″ Hmm? I wonder what the Royals are hiding now?

Lou Raedwulf tells us that we are entering the second half of a 15-year ′Cycle of Transformation′! That we can see the destruction of ″old orders″ as Pluto transits Capricorn. This cycle began in 2008 and shall continue on its less than merry way. Add to that we are looking at four Mercury retrogrades this year as well. Lou advises to keep an eye on ″old debts″. Not just financially but politically as well. Asia may be flexing its muscles this year, and we can expect to see something unusual develop in Iceland, Scotland Peru or Antarctica. Lou also says that the 2016 Olympics may play a role beyond just a sporting event. Like Kit, Lou is predicting some nasty, wet weather this Spring, including an early and powerful hurricane in the Atlantic. On politics, Lou says that the stars are pointing towards great chaos in the last quarter of this year. Interestingly enough, another well-known astrologer, Susan Miller, is predicting that the November election results will be so close that there will be a recount lasting for days. Perhaps Donald Trump will indeed be a ″Chaos Candidate″ as the guac-bowle merchant, Jeb ′The Cuck′ Bush, claims?

Zarnod, Master of the Tarot, has dealt his cards and here is what 2016 looks like. We start with the 5 of Cups, The High Priest, 4 of Swords, The Stars, 10 of Wands(reversed), 3 of Wands(r), 10 of Swords, 5 of Pentacles, The High Priestess(r), the 4 of Cups and the Final Outcome Card…, the 7 of Swords! So, with the 5 of Cups crossed by the High Priest, we begin seeking emotional stability from an elder, a leader. The 4 of Swords represents a Man of Action, A Builder. Hmm, sounds like somebody we know! And he′s a Star, no less! Sure, people question his thinking with the reversed 10 and 3 of Wands. His ideas seem strange, unusual, perhaps even outrageous. Our nation has many obstacles (the 5 of Pentacles) and is at a crossroads (The High Priestess), with the paths looking dark as the card is reversed. But the 4 of Cups tells us that we achieve unity and celebrate with music and joy. The 7 of Swords is our Man of Action again, rising to victory in a most creative way, astounding everyone! He wins by doing the unexpected, the unbelievable, outflanking his opponents at every turn! You Can′t Stump the Trump!

So there it is, folks! Happy New Year from RightPundits! I hope you enjoy our 2016 psychic predictions. From what our panels of psychics, Kit Karson and Lou Raedwulf from PsychicCosmos.com, and Zarnod, Master of the Tarot, have to say, it seems that the political and celebrity predictions for 2016 will be most interesting. So keep your eyes on the stars and your powder dry. Stow those guac bowls away and get ready for a bumpy, wet ride! This may be the Year of the Centipede!