Has the Trumpenkrieg claimed another major victory? The Jeb Bush campaign cancels its Iowa TV ads, as well as those for South Carolina. Instead, it will funnel some $3 million dollars into building up its ground game for the Iowa Caucus, just weeks away. Any TV ads to run in either state will be those by the Bush Super-PAC, Right To Rise. The Jeb! 2016 campaign organization has been hurting badly of late. After spending some $59 Million dollars, Bush is at only 3% in most nationwide polls. This comes as Donald Trump promises to start spending $2 Million dollars per week on a series of TV ads in Iowa and New Hampshire. So far, Trump, who leads the GOP 2016 White House race at nearly 40% in the polls, has spent practically nothing. In fact, Trump may actually have turned a profit from sales of hats and other American-made merchandise.

Yep, Donald Trump is already creating new jobs, producing hats and other goodies with his campaign logo of Make America Great Again. Most of his travel expenses, from transportation to hotel and office needs, are paid to himself, since he uses his own jetliner and properties. About the only cash he has had to spend has been for renting venues to hold rallies. Meanwhile, the bucks roll in from sales of campaign merchandise, all of which is ′Made in the USA′! Resulting in American jobs for Americans, not illegal immigrants!

Meanwhile, Jeb Bush just continues to sink in his own morass. His latest stunt is to demand a one-on-one debate against The Trump. As if The Donald will pay him any heed at this point. Jeb Bush as become totally irrelevant, perhaps has much as Barack Obama, who now gets headlines for talking about his underwear with Jerry Seinfeld. Rather dull talk, too, at that! Seems that all of Obama′s underwear is the same color. How boring is that you ask? VERY BORING!

I noticed yesterday that Right to Rise modified their ′tough-talkin′ Jeb commercial by dropping the bit about how Bush has been endorsed by 27 retired generals and admirals. With at least a thousand or so out there, that is the same as saying Jeb is supported by nearly 3% of military professionals. Ooooh! I′m so impressed…, NOT!

The Jeb Bush campaign is so sad, I wish he would just toss in the towel now and go home to Columbo. His dream of occupying the White House has gone with the wind. Blown away like dried up leaves. Jeb may become a poster-child for post-campaign-depression syndrome. I can see the SNL spoof commercial already. ″Do you have PCDS like poor Jeb? Ask your doctor about Trumpex. With Trumpex, you will overcome PCDS and go from a low-energy wimp to an dynamic, energetic world leader! Even Vladimir Putin will respect you.″

So what is your verdict on Jeb Bush as he cancels TV ads for Iowa and South Carolina? Is he almost ready to admit to being a has-been? A dried-up, unbuttered, burnt piece of toast? Or is there still some glimmer of a pulse left in the Jeb Bush campaign? In both Iowa and New Hampshire, Jeb is barely hanging on to 5th place in the most recent polls. The Trumpenkrieg has already claimed victories over Scott Walker, Rick Perry, Bobby Jindal, Lindsey Graham and now George Pataki. Other than Ted Cruz, Ben Carson and Marco Rubio, the rest of the 2016 GOP bushel of candidates are all on life support machines after tangling with Donald J Trump. So if you need to cleanse yourself from an encounter with a Jeb-Cuck Guac-Bowl, watch a ″Can′t Stump the Trump″ video on You-Tube. Centipede! #Stumped