With the year coming to an end, it is time to look back and determine the ′Best of′ and ′Worst of′ 2015. Obviously, the best of 2015 has to be Donald J Trump! Ever since he announced becoming a Republican presidential candidate for 2016, Trump has dominated the news. He has caused excitement, as well as great anxiety, across the country. Starting off with poll numbers low on favorability and high on rejection, Trump has turned it all around. He now leads the GOP 2016 race for the White House by an ever widening margin. Contenders like Jeb Bush and others have declined to the point of obscurity. For the worst of 2015, we have no further to look than Barack Obama. His foreign policy has been a complete failure under both Hillary Clinton and John Kerry. But 2015 will stand out as we witness the rise of the Islamic State and the folly of the Iran nuclear deal.

The latest polls show Trump′s lead continuing to increase in the race to become the Republican presidential nominee. His new ′ceiling′ appears to be 40% and he is poised to shatter that barrier. In addition to the recent CNN/ORC and rolling-Reuters′ polls, a poll by WND and Clout research shows Trump doing very well with African-America voters, getting about 40% support, plus 45% of Hispanic-Americans. The same poll shows that about 45% of Democrats think Christians are more of a threat than Muslims! Meanwhile, a series of polls show that Americans have completely rejected Obama, especially when it comes to defending the nation against terrorism. The CNN/ORC poll shows that 40% think the terrorists are winning, with another 40% thinking its a draw. Only some 18% think Obama is leading us to victory. About 75% of the country think the nation is headed in the wrong direction with 69% being either very or somewhat angry at the way the country is being governed.

Yes, thanks to Barack Obama, and his minions like Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and the Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett, America exists weaker in a world far more dangerous than that which George W. Bush left behind. Add to the rising threat of terrorism and general global instability, we still have a weak economy. The GDP growth rate has again, as usual, been down-graded, The Labor Participation Rate is still the worst since 1979 with more than 94 Million, job-aged American adults without employment. The National Debt stands at nearly $19 Trillion dollars and is set to top $21 Trillion by the time Obama leaves the Oval Office. If another downturn occurs, the country has fewer options on how to deal with it than in 2008. The Federal Reserve Bank will not be able to do much as they have already kept interest rates at nearly 0% for some 7 years and today it stands at a mere 0.5%. A far cry from the normal 4% rate.

This explains why so many Republican voters polled see Donald Trump as the best choice to restore our nation′s economy. He generally pulls some 60% or more on the issue of handling the economy. Minority voters who prefer Trump over Hillary Clinton usually cite this, as well as Trump being better for handling national defense and the fight against terrorism, as their main reasons for supporting him over Hillary. Trump is viewed as a man who knows how to get things done and will bring about genuine change. As for Obama, the polls show that most Americans, even most Democrats, are disappointed with Obama′s track record. The only change Obama has brought is change for the worse. Especially on the issue of unemployment rates for women and minorities.

So, in the world of politics, Donald J Trump reigns as the best of 2015 while Barack Hussein Obama continues his as the worst of 2015. Hillary Clinton runs a close second as worst, especially now after her claim back in March of there being zero classified materials on her private email server have been proven false. She stands at 999 classified documents with one more batch of emails to be released tomorrow. Who knows how many additional classified documents will be among those? The choice is simple for 2016. If you want to make America great again in 2017, then vote for Donald Trump. If you are plain stupid and want another 4 years of lies and a declining nation, then vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton. As Stan Lee would say, ″′Nuff Said!″