The battle between the frontrunners is on as Donald J. Trump takes on Hillary Rodham Clinton. A war of words is underway when Hillary publicly accused Trump of sexism. Trump turned her own words around, warning her to be careful. With the voting to soon start in Iowa, New Hampshire and the rest of the country, Hillary is bringing her husband, Bill Clinton, into the foreground to help her win the Democrat Party presidential nomination. Trump knows the history of Bill and is vowing not to ignore it, especially Bill′s behavior with women. Professional political pundits say that this is a subject that Republicans should avoid at all costs. But Donald Trump has not listened to any pundits before and has done quite well so far. He is prepared to do battle and win, even if it means going where other lesser candidates dare not follow.

A good number of Americans will know the name Monica Lewinski if mentioned, perhaps even Gennifer Flowers. But there are many other women whom have been linked to Bill Clinton. He has been accused of nearly every possible circumstance, from simple philandering to under-age sex, teen pregnancy and even rape! Whether you believe any of these allegations are true or not largely depends on your politics. But there are a lot of women whom claim to have been involved with Bill Clinton, either by choice or by force. In 1996, Bob Dole didn′t go there, much as John McCain and Mitt Romney didn′t dig deeper into Barack Obama′s past. But Donald Trump is not a Dole, McCain nor a Romney. Donald Trump wants to win, and will use any means necessary.

The stakes are high as Trump is all too aware of. The nation is barely hanging on after 7 years of Obama. Another 4, or 8 years of Hillary Clinton continuing the Obama agenda will finish America off for good. If we last till the end of the Obama administration it will be a miracle. So Donald Trump knows that if the country is to have any chance of surviving and becoming great once again, he has to win. Even if it means a messy, brutal wrestling match with the Clinton Machine.

Make no mistake, the Clinton organization is a machine. A massive operation designed for one sole purpose, to grab as much power and wealth as the Clinton couple can. Talk about greed, it just does not end with money for the Clintons. Hillary wants as much power and fame as she can get. As for Bill Clinton, we all know what he wants more of! There are already rumors about his latest mistress on how she visits Bill when Hillary is on the road, bringing fresh-baked cookies for Bill′s Secret Service detail. What a sweetheart! No wonder the agents like the mistress more than Hillary, who treats them like dirt!

I, for one, am looking forward to Donald J. Trump taking on Hillary Rodham Clinton. I have no doubt that Trump will pull out all the stops and throw away every book on politics to defeat her. None of the other GOP candidates have the guts to challenge Hillary. Carly Fiorina couldn′t even beat Barbara Boxer, and Hillary is at least a dozen times worse than Boxer is. Marco Rubio? Are you kidding me? Even if he had a semi-trailer of bottled water, Marco would dry up and be dust in the wind. Low-energy Jeb Bush? What′s he gonna do, call Hillary a jerk when he gets mad? Ted Cruz might throw a zinger here and there, but if you want to see 15-round, knock-down, dragged-out, dogfight, then Donald Trump is the man for the job! We missed seeing Newt Gingrich challenge Barack Obama directly when Romney won the nomination. But this time around, it will be even better. Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton will make the ′Rumble in the Jungle′ look like high tea. Trump the Relentless will bash Hillary with a steel chair and then toss her low-stamina, limp body unto the folding table from the top of a ladder. No pay-for-view needed! It will be Donald the Great′s first of many gifts to America.