Okay Whovians! You know ′Who′ you are! If you are already tired of Star Wars, I have good news for you. BBC America launches its Doctor Who Christmas marathon this evening at 6pm Eastern USA! For the next few days, it will be all Who, all the time, leading up to this year′s brand new Doctor Who Christmas Special on Friday night at 9pm Eastern. This year, our favorite Time Lord from the Planet Gallifrey meets up again with his wife, River Song. We may learn an important secret concerning these two, since we know that River meets The Doctor at some point in his future and her past. Perhaps even the greatest secret of all, his real name, as she has claimed to know it. Confused? Well, hop in your TARDIS and hang on for the ride!

When first aired in 1963 by the BBC, ′who′ would have thought that this sort of cheap science fiction TV show would bloom into a cultural phenomenon. I wonder if Gene Roddenberry gave it any thought when he began his ′Wagon Train to the Stars′ TV series which became ″Star Trek″? Both became successes after a fashion. Both also suffered setbacks and cancellations. But today, Doctor Who and Star Trek have huge followings and aren′t about to vanish anytime soon.

So what is up with River Song and The Doctor? The 10th Doctor, played by David Tennant, meets River Song, played by Alex Kingston, for the first time in the 2008 episode, ″Silence in the Library″. Mind you, she already knew who The Doctor was as she had met one of his later incarnations earlier in her life. At first, he does not trust her, until she whispers his actual name in his ear. The Doctor is still suspicious of her, but acknowledges that she must be someone very close to him. He meets her again several times through his 11th incarnation, played by Matt Smith. Song is an archeologist who also travels through time and space, often for criminal reasons, stealing items from various points in time.

In later episodes, we learn more, that River is the daughter of Amy Ponds and her boyfriend, later husband, Rory Williams. Named Melody Ponds during this phase of her life, she had been conceived of while the couple had been companions of The Doctor. With the conception taking place inside the TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space), Melody was born with some Time Lord DNA, enabling her to be able to regenerate. As an adult, Melody, who called herself Mel, actually became friends with Amy before she was conceived. Mel gets shot and regenerates into River Song and for a time becomes a pawn used by The Doctor′s enemies in a plot to murder him. Which she does, but uses her own regenerative powers to bring him back to life, losing them forever. The whole thing gets more confusing with an alternative reality, wherein The Doctor and River Song are married. She is once again tasked to kill The Doctor, but he already knows this and the whole thing becomes a staged death.

River winds up in prison, however, she breaks out routinely for one adventure or another. For a while, The Doctor was in hiding from enemies like The Silence and the Great Intelligence, but eventually he runs into River Song again. If this doesn′t clear matetrs up for you, don′t worry! You can watch it all as BBC America begins its Doctor Who Marathon tonight. You′ll see all of the best episodes, including Christmas specials from previous years. All leading to the brand new Doctor Who Christmas special on Friday night at 9pm Eastern (USA). So put down the lightsabers and grab your sonic screwdriver, or sonic sunglasses. Yep, The Doctor is now into wearable technology! Its all happening today on BBC America!